Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm Pretty Certain I Could Take Your Grandma

23 rounds of matwork - and that was just the first hour and a half.

So, we did 23, three-minute rounds of matwork. I was going to include a picture of us from today but the photo above is BEFORE Julia and I had matburn all over, bruises and a fat lip. We smelled better in that picture, too.

I don't think this is what typical grandmothers do on the weekends, but I have never been a very typical anything.

We didn't JUST do matwork, of course, and by we, I mean other people, since I mostly just did matwork because I am old and my knees don't work. The young people also did 150 throws, 100 uchikomi and an hour of standing randori. They worked on chokes, too.

It was a very fun, great day. We are going to cut practice an hour early tomorrow,from 10- noon instead of 1 p.m. just because everyone trained so hard today.

Quotes of the day:

"I did not hit you in the mouth!"
"So, how do you explain the blood? Do you think I just spontaneously started bleeding on your gi?"
"Maybe you did."

To person being pinned,
"You know, I am sure your grandma is nicer than me and a better cook than me, but I am pretty certain I could take your grandma."

Person on the bottom,
"Yes, I believe you could."

"Okay you guys, I keep seeing AnnMaria pinning you. I realize she is more skilled - "
"Thanks for the 'more skilled', I thought you were going to say 'really old'. "

"Hey! You threw her and were on top of her and now she is on top of you. How the hell did that happen?"
"Yeah, I know, weird, huh?"

God, I LOVE judo!

I once said that no one should be allowed to be on any judo board or committes unless the person had matburn somewhere on his or her body. Today I am SO qualified to be USJA president, it is not even funny!

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