Friday, December 21, 2012

Yet another reason not to start matwork back to back

Maybe I should call this series of videos 101 to start matwork other than back to back, but I have reports for clients to finish before the end of the year, so I will save that rant for another day. I keep harping on about kinesthetic sense. One example of that (or lack thereof) that is demonstrated at the very beginning of this video occurs when they start close to the fence. A person with better developed kinesthetic sense would realize that as soon as they started moving and spinning they would likely run into the fence. In addition to the not running into the fence, both the person on the top and bottom should learn to react immediately regardless of position.


These drills make players comfortable reacting on the mat because they have been put in all sorts of situations and had to respond immediately. Well, they were a little less than immediate in this drill, but it was the last practice of the year and everyone was a bit distracted.

Besides, that's why we call it practice.

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dave schaeffer said...

Nice spin drill. I think I might try that at my next wrestling practice.......Merry Christmas.