Saturday, December 21, 2013

Week 3 Free Rice Winners. P.S. People are Awesome

Below are the winners from week 3 in the Ronda Rousey

Ranking    User Name    Grains in Group
1    louchristopher    462,190
2    yingherng    386,900
3    Hugo Lemos    272,670
4    dangerousH2Os    239,900
5    21_Skins4Life    115,030

Because you can only win one weekly prize, these are the leaders who have not won a prize yet. The overall leadership is a back and forth battle between Alan and Laurie, both of whom have donated over 800,000 grains of rice in this contest!

If you are one of the top five names listed above, please email me at or DM me if I follow you on twitter so you can get a signed poster.

If you have a preference of a Xyience poster or the Insureon one, let me know.

There will be an additional prize to:
  • The overall top 10 as of weigh-ins on Friday
  • Anyone who donates over 1,000,000 grains of rice.

If you are just tuning in, you can learn about the free rice site and what the competition is about here. In short, every time you get a correct answer, the World Food Programme gets 10 grains of rice donated by the advertiser. If you play as part of a group with Ronda, you can win prizes donated by her.

Prior to this fight, her groups had raised enough for over 25,800 meals. The current group to date has donated enough rice for 1,852 more.

People are awesome.

P.S. How the number was calculated can be found here, for you mathematical types.

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Al B Here said...

Whether I win the top spot this time around or not, I plan to break the 1 million mark for the third time, so we should end up with two people over a million, if Laurie manages to pass me. Not bad, eh?