Monday, July 28, 2014

I've decided to look my age

Sometimes,  I watch these TV shows where I get interviewed and everyone else has had "work done". Their hair is dyed, their chins  -or  whatever - have been nipped and tucked by plastic surgeons. They are all made up.

Here is how my day starts whenever I am being filmed for anything:

  1. I take a shower and brush my teeth.
  2. I put on clothes that fit.
  3. If I remember, I brush my hair.
  4. I drink several cups of coffee.
  5. I sit down in my office and start working.
  6. People I have forgotten about show up at my door with lights, cameras, sound equipment.
I don't own any make up and I don't get my hair done all that often because I am usually too busy traveling to parts far and yonder demonstrating the educational games my company makes.  In fact, I told Ronda yesterday that I'm not doing any more of these interviews because it takes time away from my work and it's not as if she needs the help with publicity.

Briefly, I considered whether I should get make-up, a hair stylist. I found this picture recently of my grandmother. She didn't try to look like anything but she was. An old woman. There is nothing wrong with being who you are.

So, I decided that it is okay to be 55, almost 56, and look like it. There are some people who want to be known for the looks. I want to be known for my work.

=== Shameless commercial plug ===

Here are some examples by the way, the book on matwork I wrote with Jim Pedro, Sr. , Winning on the Ground.

Spirit Lake: The Game - an adventure game that teaches math and history. You can buy it for yourself or donate a copy to a student or school.


Rick Matz said...

It's easy to see where Ronda gets her good looks.

greg said...

Invest your money elsewhere, Dr.D. Don't screw with Gods' masterpiece!