Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 30 Tweetup & other life events

It's a crazy busy time of year. Ten days ago, we released our first game on Steam.

That same week gamers extraordinaire Jessamyn Duke and Shayna Baszler streamed Fish Lake on Twitch in a competition to see who could win $500 donated to their charity.

 Jessamyn won and $500 will be donated to the World Food Program on her behalf. It was pretty funny seeing her twitch stream followers helping her with the math.

Right this minute, I'm in Missouri about to head out to meet with teachers who use our games in their classrooms to get their feedback and some advice on ideas we have, like whether we should make the wolves in Spirit Lake more realistic and scarier.

Next, I fly to Las Vegas where on December 30 I will be part of the 'buy Ronda's mom a drink so she doesn't worry' um, I mean 

"Join us December 30th at 12pm for our #UFC207 #ArmbarNation & 7 Generation Games Tweetup for a chance to win Ronda Rousey autographed prizes. "
They told me to say that.

I'll be there at 1 pm, because it is a work day - who am I kidding, any day is a work day for me. Anyway, if you are in town, please drop by The Lobby Bar in New York casino. Maria will be there, too, and since it is a work event, for anyone who donates a game or classroom license, we will enter you in a drawing for prizes that include copies of My Fight/ Your Fight (and Maria will be there to sign it), Winning on the Ground (by me!) and other prizes.

If you are a teacher, we'll have a gift pack for you with games, stickers and other stuff for your classroom. All you need to do is show up and give us your email.

Gotta go. It's about 45 minutes to where I'm meeting with the teachers and as everyone who ever went to high school knows, teachers hate it when you are late.


Ventus said...

I will probably open an old bottle of black wine proshek myself, but not because i worry. I would share but im too far away.
Wish i could be there.

She looks great, amazing, lean, mean, smiling fighting machine. And thats great to see. I have a good feeling about this.

I also think its great she didnt talk to the "mma media". I wish she would continue with that, although ufc probably wont let her. Its kind of hilarious watching them squirm to invent something negative about it, when they dont have any words to twist.

Good luck to you all, hope to see you celebrating on the other side!

HelpMeFightLyme said...

I just want to send a lot of love to your family today, Dr AnnMaria. Ronda has given us fans so much to be proud of and marvel at, and we just want this for HER. She owes us nothing. She deserves the W for herself. I wish I could be in the venue in Vegas, but I'll be screaming my ass off here in NH. I am so excited and pumped, I have tears in my eyes as I'm writing this. #TeamRousey forever!

Unknown said...

Please ignore the stupid internet trolls. Even after Holm...they are the loudest but not the majority. Ronda has created a division that would of never existed without her. Ronda made women athletes garnish the same level of respect that male athletes have had. Ronda made it an equal playing field. Of course there will always be a large group of hateful people who will envy that level of success and equality. There are people who love what she has done for the sport and will always consider her one of the best athletes of all time. Regardless of all that she is human and it's ridiculous how ugly people can be online.

Anonymous said...

I tell my 5 yr. old daughter, if you always win you can never grow, never learn to be more than you are today.
Sometimes even the best get knocked down.
Choose to fight, choose not to fight. You have already proven yourself.
You are Rockin Awesome!!!
Never stop being the light, so others will know the way.

Ventus said...

My "feeling" was wrong but far from the first time that happened.
These feelings or premonitions are true but they work like a weather forecast. They are never certain and only point, at best, to a possibility. Whether good or bad. You still need to do all you can to make good ones true or bad ones not happen, but even so the final result is out of your immediate control. Simply because we cannot control or affect everything.

I certainly hoped that feeling will turn out to be correct, but more for Ronda then for me. And i certainly dont think any less of her now. As i didnt think any less of her after the previous fight.

I also know how it feels to dig yourself from a hole, do everything right and then lose again. To say it sucks is an understatement of epic proportions.
But,... if nothing else, you learn that you can dig yourself out again.
And again and again. Until that hole doesn't open anymore.

I know she can do much better, if things that are talked about by so many would change and improve. If they stay the same it would be the third time she will try to do the same thing, expecting a different result.
Usually when people try to push it that much, after it already failed repeatedly, the results are even worse. In that case it would be better if she doesnt come back.

It is just my personal belief that she should try to do better, change and improve what needs to be changed and improved. Not for me, not for the fans, not for any kind of legacy. For herself.
Whatever she decides i also think she should wait and think about it with a clearer mind.

That said, i have no actual counter-arguments to offer to your opinion about it dr.Annmaria. All i have to say in that case is "Yes, mam".