Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fight-y Smurf's Hairstyling Tips from Ronda

Sneakerdoodle Zebra Judo Guest Video Blog from Ronda Rousey

How to do your hair.


Petter Häggholm said...

I sincerely hope “Fighty Smurf” catches on with some ring announcers in the near future. Meanwhile, some questions:

1. When will Fighty Smurf merchandise be available from Ronda’s official website?

2. Have you considered seeking sponsorship from Dupuis?

3. Although judo terminology seems to be pretty strict about naming things according to logical principles and classifications, MMA and BJJ terminology is much more lenient. Have you thought about marketing some signature move as e.g. the “smurfoplata”, or perhaps a hybrid name such as the “three-apples-high jujigatame”?

West Coast Judo Training Center said...

You are hilarious!

As for the Fighty Smurf merchandise, I think Ronda needs to talk to Hatashita to get right on that!

Tree Frog said...

Only you two could get me to watch a hair-stylin' video and laugh constantly during it.

This'll come in handy if I am lucky enough to have a daughter some day. Thanks!

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