Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Freerice Competition Starting - Now!

In very brief - freerice.com is a website where you can answer questions on topics like math, Spanish and English vocabulary and for every correct answer the companies that sponsor the ads on the site donate money to the United Nations World Food Programme. Anyone can play.

When Ronda Rousey (also known as my darling daughter number three) had her world title fight with Miesha Tate she started a group that has resulted in over 20,00,000 grains of rice donated to date. The group is called rondamma and you can click on this link to join.

If you would like a chance to win free stuff, join the group and play. Every week, we will select people at random from the list and send them free stuff. Every grain of rice you have donated SINCE TODAY gives you another chance. So if you donated 50,000 grains of rice this week, you'll have 50,000 chances. Also, the top person each week gets a prize and the top five people on August 17th when Ronda weighs in for her fight against Sara Kaufmann.

TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO READ THE FREE RICE SITE. To have your play count for the group, you need to register, and when you play you need to select rondamma as the group to play for. Your screen should look like the one at bottom.

with RondaMMA showing at the top as the group you are playing for.

Of course, you don't have to play for Ronda's group and you can still donate rice. You can start your own group, Canadians4Kauffman if you want. It's a free country. 

I'll post pictures of this week's prizes later. So far, I have a copy of the Juji Gatame Encyclopedia (cross-body arm lock for you non-judo types) donated by Steve Scott that Ronda will sign and send the number one person. The random winners this week will get patches that say Rowdy Ronda Rousey on them - well, as I said, I'll post pictures later. I just got home from Missouri and have to get some work done tonight.

I downloaded the file of the amount of rice that people had donated as of 5:45 Pacific Standard Time so the contest begins - now!

It is a new weigh-in so everyone starts at zero.

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