Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Devious Plot to Undermine the Guard

Okay, well, I guess if I was more devious I would not be posting it on here, but ninjas don't have blogs either - yeah, that sentence made more sense in my head than when I saw it in writing.

Anyway ... the guard will be forbidden on Sunday as Gary, Blinky and I spend four hours trying to convince people of the desirability of different positions (get your mind out of the gutter!)

There will be a few rounds of "no guard allowed" matwork.

Then, I am going to go through attacks when the opponent is on all fours (turtle position, wrestling referee's position). I'm also going to cover attacks when YOU are on all fours, including a counter to the triangle.

I am going to demonstrate turnovers to pins mostly, and two arm bars. I will do one choke, complete with song, unless Crystal Butts pays me enough money not to sing.

I expect Gary and Blinky will cover more chokes. Gary is also going to (I hope) review the half-nelson because most people don't do it well enough or often enough.

As I said previously, it's not that I hate the guard position, or don't like people who do jiu-jitsu (except for you Joe Walsh from Joe Bob's Jiu Jitsu in Pocatello, Idaho. You annoy me.)

My point is that to be really lethal in matwork, you can't only be dangerous from one position.

Go here: July 28th from 2-6 pm
Overcome your guard addiction!
Ogden Judo School, 17034 Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower, California, 90706


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Al B Here said...

You're going to do the chokey chokey again?? Is that what it's all about? :)

André Ribeiro said...

Also, in what concerns judo, "the guard" doesn't happen nearly as often as others positions (e.g., "on all fours", lying down). Judo players must be aware of that when doing extra jiu-jitsu lessons aiming to improve their game.

Jonah Ewell said...

Oh man, for a minute I thought you were announcing another IJF rule change! Not that many people use the guard in judo comp anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Okay, well, I guess if I was more devious I would not be posting it on here, but ninjas don't have blogs either - yeah, that sentence made more sense in my head than when I saw it in writing."

That means your mind understands the way of the Ninja more than your eyes do. Hahahaha!

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Al - I am indeed going to do the chokey chokey

Andre - I completely agree with you

Jonah - I was seriously tempted to say it was a new IJF rule change & see how many people were not even surprised.

Anonymous - I hope you are correct

Anonymous said...

Dr. AnnMaria -- I am correct, but that doesn't mean you understand us. I read your post on ninjas and we can take your unicorns, no problem. But all is not lost, there is a Ninjutsu school in Santa Cruz that teaches our ways or you can learn from Glen Levy, a real Ninja from Australia with almost a lifetime of training (his mother spent 16 hours in labor). Hatsumi-Sensei has also authored numerous books on the subject.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Ha! Anonymous, my unicorns will stomp all over your ninjas. Moo-ha-ha (evil scientist laugh)

Anonymous said...

Dr AnnMaria -- Ninjas don't rush people, contrary to the misconceptions those who have asked you such questions. Our ways are the ways of stealth. By the time your unicorns figure out we're even there, they'll already be full of kunais.