Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free rice contest - how to help people & win stuff

The free rice contest wins tomorrow.  Free rice is a website where Ronda Rousey (a.k.a. daughter number 3) has a group. where you answer questions on topics like math, Spanish, English vocabulary, science - the questions are pretty easy in some categories. For every question you answer, the advertisers on the site donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program.

In case you don't know, Ronda is the world champion in mixed martial arts and defends her title in a fight in San Diego on Saturday. You can also watch it live on Showtime.

Before each fight, Ronda runs a contest to raise food for the hungry since she is cutting weight and hungry. Between her last fight and this one, the group has raised over 30,000,000 grains of rice. Since one bowl of rice is about 3,400 grains and comes out to about 3 cups of cooked rice, that is enough to feed approximately 8,850 people.

How to win, what to win, when to win details below. First of all, join the group and donate rice. Make sure you are playing for the group. Here are some more details.

Here is how to win stuff:

1. Be in the top five donors OR donate a million grains of rice (easier than it sounds - four people have done it so far). The top two donors get an autographed Rowdy Ronda Rousey Topps trading card. These are not the ones for sale. These were made for Ronda personally and there are only a few of them and she has all of them (greedy little brat). She will give up two for the contest.

The next donor gets an autographed copy of the Juji Gatame Encylopedia by Steve Scott. We will have it autographed by Steve AND Ronda.

That is the top three. The next two as well as anyone else who has donated over a million grains of rice (it is more than five people) will get Rowdy swag - signed posters or t-shirt (we'll email and ask your preference). By the way, if you are in this group and will be at the fight LET ME KNOW. We will try to catch up and give you your winnings in person.

2. Be lucky.  Out of all of the rest of the people who have donated, we will pull three people out at sort of random. We'll weight your chances by the amount of rice donated. I'm a statistical programmer so I can do that sort of thing. If you have donated 300,000 grains of rice you have 30,000 times the chance of the person who donated 10 grains - but they DO still have a chance. Hey, people buy lottery tickets, right? Those people will also get prizes.

When: As of weigh-ins on Friday.

I have to work tomorrow so I will not be at the weigh-ins. In fact, I am in North Dakota on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation. However, I will have a spy at the weigh-ins who lets me know exactly when the weigh-in takes place so I'll record the totals at that time.

Thank you for feeding hungry people, by the way. To quote Ronda, "It sucks to be hungry".


Al B Here said...

To be honest, I think that prize number 3 is my favorite. I applaud you and Ronda for putting together this campaign. It's a worthy cause. Good luck to Ronda in her fight!

Anonymous said...

Who were the winners?

Anonymous said...

Yea wondering who won too