Thursday, August 23, 2012

Free Rice Winners and TOPPS

As promised, the first five people received prizes, these were:

Jeremy  @svtjer
Jarib  @yariv0
Matt  @MattHouston
Alan @monsieur_alan
Sai @rabble_rouser

The top two people will get signed TOPPS trading cards. Apparently, these TOPPS people are mega-serious because they have to verify that Ronda signed the card and they keep track of the time it was signed, date, number on the card (or something like that). These are more than collector's items because the two she is sending out are the total that she has signed out of some special set she received.

Thank you to Steve Scott for donating the Juji-Gatame Encyclopedia . A signed copy will go out to Monsieur_Alan who requested it.

I do not know what the other two people in the top five are getting. Maybe signed posters? If you have a request, holler.

Ronda is on her way to New York at the moment to be on some show, so she will sign and mail everything when she gets back in a few days.

Five names were drawn in a NON-RANDOM sample (I am a statistician, after all). The more rice you donated, the higher chance you had of getting selected.

 User_Name ..........Grains_in_ Group
Blackwater01 ...... 448,240
mid josh1991 ....... 201,930
BautistaDS    ....... . 17,900
Verotik          ......... 27,170
Brad Nieder ...........66,570


Ccarnagua is getting a prize because he donated 335,000 grains of rice and hadn't received anything. And he follows me on twitter.

I expect those six people will be getting autographed patches. I hope you like them.

Enough rice was donated to feed about 8,800 people. That is amazing. Thank you all.

And thank you to Ronda for not being one of those kids who embarrass their family by getting drunk in a Porsche and then insulting hard-working police officers (like our friend, Gary Butts) and instead raising money to feed  the hungry.

Your mom thinks you're cool.


Al B Here said...

I'm looking forward to the Juji-Gatame Encyclopedia. I must confess, though, I'm happy Ronda isn't cutting weight again for a while. After 100K+ questions, I was getting burnt out. Congrats to everyone who caught and passed me. That's dedication for you. :)

Team Freerice said...

Thank you to Ronda and Dr AnnMaria (for both being outrageously cool, and for all the ongoing help - we and the people we help really appreciate it!). Thank you to everyone who took part, for putting your heart into raising the rice!

It's been an inspiration and an honour to see your drive for a good cause!