Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hurray for Everybody!

What a great week!

I haven't been blogging much because I was at the Joint Statistical Meetings - kind of like the Olympics for statisticians but with people who are in WAY worse shape.

Since I was in a hotel with hopelessly slow Internet, I did not get to watch any Olympic judo except the first day (which was before I left for San Diego).

Thanks to twitter, I was able to follow the step by step move of Marti Malloy to a bronze medal and then Kayla Harrison for a gold medal! First American gold medal in the Olympics, first time the U.S. has ever won more than one Olympic medal. Many well-deserved kudos to them and to Jim Pedro, Sr. and Jr. as coaches.

I went straight from San Diego to Las Vegas for a conference that had the added bonus of my grandchildren being there. (They were with their parents, not attending the conference).

Then, I came straight back from Las Vegas and went to the Staples Center without even stopping at home, so I could watch Manny Gamburyan fight another judo guy, Omigawa from Japan, who had been Asian champion. It was a must-win for Manny since he had lost his last three matches in the UFC. I've seen him grow up on the mat could not have been prouder of him if he was my own kid.
 His performance in the third round was amazing. You know he was tired and he really dug deep, picked Omigawa up and slammed him repeatedly. If you can find the video on line anywhere, you have to watch it.

Well, I am back home and back to work. Just wanted to say, congratulations to everybody!


Anonymous said...

What event was that at the Staples Center?

Alexandra J said...

Anyone transition from judo to boxing? I'm super nervous about getting punched in the face.
I also do know if my cardio is good for that level of activity. I tried it a bit last week and really enjoyed the light sparring but I could quickly tell I was losing my endurance. So any other judo players make the switch?
Watched some boxing last week and was amazed. I know women's boxing isn't all that popular but it's at least more popular than women's judo. I'll at least occassionnally see women's boxing on TV.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

It was a UFC fight at the Staples Center last Saturday. Manny Gamburyan was in the prelims and he won by unanimous decision. A lot of other people fought, too (-:

Ronda fights in MMA and she gets punched at practice. She seems to be doing okay with the switch