Monday, August 13, 2012

G-form - non-newtonian fluids protecting your body parts

Two points are evident from today's post. First, you had best be ready for anything when you come to our house and second, there is more than one way to protect your knees, elbows, phone and iPad.

Brett Robichaud is from my friend Serge's judo club, Mayo Quanchi, in Rhode Island. Brett did judo in southern California while attending University of Redlands. There is Brett below practicing.

Now Brett is all grown up and has a real job that no longer involves French table cloths but occasionally requires midnight phone calls detailing a trip to Dubai (you'll have to get the details from him).

In town on business, he was in Santa Monica taking a well-deserved hour off to go to the beach and came by for coffee. Since I thought his G-form for knee pads and elbow pads were pretty interesting, we fired up photobooth and had him talk about them a little.

As I said, it sounded like an interesting concept. He gave several of the pads to Ronda for mixed martial arts practice. Obviously, you could not use these in competition but they could possibly be added protection in practice.

After he left, I was thinking maybe the youngest daughter could use them in soccer, if they made shin guards.

I am not too sure the basis for this foam that hardens on impact is non-Newtonian fluids. I am married to an actual rocket scientist with degrees in physics, so I will check this out. On the other hand, if it keeps my kids from being injured, I don't really care what science it is based on.

I'll let you know what I find out on both scores.


Sylver said...

Interesting. Is there a website for it?

Anonymous said...

Hey does this guy have a website?

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