Friday, April 3, 2015

Vantage Point on My Fight/ Your Fight

I'm in a bit of a unique position, with one of my children writing a memoir about her life, and the sportswriter co-authoring it being my other daughter.

Having read half of the book after the Fast and Furious 7 premiere last night, I have a few things to say.

First of all, My Fight/ Your Fight is a really good book. It's well-written and a good story. Sales have been impressive for a book that won't be out for another six weeks. I guarantee it will be a best seller.

Ronda was surprisingly honest about the boyfriends. Let me just say there is a reason I call them all Bob, except for a few I called Dick.

 Some people are portrayed as better than my opinion of them, while some come off looking worse, but those are just my opinions.

Second, reading through it, I'm struck by how your recollection of events is determined by your vantage point. So far, I have not found anything in the book to be inaccurate. However, there are events that other people might consider highly significant that she never bothered to mention, and other incidents that I wouldn't have mentioned but it was a big deal to her.

Third, and along the same line, I was amused by how much my view as an adult and her mother differed from Ronda's as a teenager.

I have promised not to give away details until the book is published. You can remind me to give my detailed opinion after it comes out.

I have also waived my right to sue them, which would be a pretty incredibly stupid waste of time since whatever I got would end up going back to them anyway when I die. Besides, it's a bad idea to piss off the people who will choose your nursing home.  

Well, I better stop now before I give anything away.


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Ventus said...

Here is something that will probably look like a weird vantage point of view on the book. Im not sure if i should write this at all because it is obviously silly.
But for some strange reason i feel like i need to anyway.

In about 10 days ill get a job to do and the book is the second thing i will spend that money on (probably the first, really), but... i am not sure if i will read it ?

Because... i kinda feel that some things in it are too private? Personal? Not my business to know? That sounds totally weird, right?

Obviously the book and everything in it are given to the public to read by the author and i can literally see in my mind what she would say to me... "me and my sister spent all that time trying to make this book and i poured my soul into it and now you wont read it !!??" - o soto gari!!!- :lol: but i just cant shake this feeling off.

I think maybe its because Ronda already provided so much private and personal material to the public that sometimes, while watching all that i get the feeling that i am like some internet stalker,... so im constantly trying to double check myself and ... not look too much.
Im digging my own hole here arent i? :P

But, maybe im just trying to say that there is one person who doesnt think he is simply entitled to all the things she does and all the personal things she shares, so i feel privileged watching or finding out any of that.

Whats actually the best about it all for me is that i learn something new every time i listen to any of her interviews. Sometimes its just the way she thinks about something and its better then my approach to the same thing. Sometimes its just something smart she says related to some science or particular subject. Sometimes i can be truly amazed by how well she handles media and interviews themselves, or by any of her super awesome, precise and smart explanations of anything related to martial arts and MMA.

I cant describe how refreshing that feels to me. Listening to her interviews is like going on a super relaxing vacation for me. Like... swiveling in my hammock with a cool breeze flowing over me and a cocktail in my hand. Because usually i dont get to hang out with people smarter, wiser and better then me... and i miss that a lot.

Yesterday i went to bed leaving her last interview with Howard Stern playing on the computer. I dont really like the guy for his usual cheap schlock approach, and he sure made some dumb-ish questions at first, although he wasnt his usual extreme negative schlocky self overall. Listening how deftly she navigates all those little traps and tricks... how she takes a question implying something cheap and turns it on its head and says what she wants or needs to say despite that... :)
Plus all the little and big smart and funny things.

I fell asleep smiling.

And thats... not usual for me.

Could you please relate this general sentiment to her? I would just like her to know there is a guy who appreciates her for all these things, not just the title, fame and great looks. :)
I am pretty sure i am not the only one but... i can just speak for myself.

Thank you.

Ventus said...

I probably should clarify that what i said above is not connected with any of the harder, heartache memories and times ms Ronda described and shared. With those i simply empathize a lot and think that how she dealt with them can be inspirational and helpful for a lot of people. Which is true, from what i can see online, from other interviews and reactions of people on book signings.