Thursday, August 16, 2007

Funniest Judo Donation This Week

One benefit of being Development Chair for the United States Judo Association is that I see the good side of so many people. We receive donations of $25 from individuals or $250 from clubs that are really not wealthy at all, but they give it to help others who cannot afford to attend a camp, clinic or tournament. So many letters I receive begin,

"I trust you to use this where it will do the most good."

Recently, I sent a letter to a donor explaining how we had spent his fairly large donation. He wrote back and said,

"You don't owe me an explanation. I trust you completely."

This all is very humbling and I try very hard not to let people down and deserve people's trust. Sometimes, though, the letters I get are not as serious. Recently, I received one that is my new favorite. Someone with more opinions than facts posted on the Internet that if my daughter, Ronda (shown above back when she really was my LITTLE Pumpkin) won the Olympics it would be due to the National Governing Body for judo. I was tempted to right something obscene back but out of respect for the person who maintains the site, Neil Ohlenkamp, a really great guy, I restrained myself. I did post that it was a lot of nonsense and any success Ronda has is largely due to her sacrifices, those of her family, the generosity and goodness of the southern California judo community in helping her and the Jim Pedros, Senior and Junior.

I received an email from a gentleman who said,

"I was SO mad at what that idiot wrote on the Internet. You and Jimmy coached Ronda. She trains her heart out. And then this organization goes and takes credit for her. I thought it was too bad there was nothing I could do. Then I realized, I could. You and Jim Pedro have to listen to this idiot taking credit for your work. So, here from me is a $250 donation to the USJA in compensation for you and Jim having to put up with that idiot."

I laughed so hard when I got that letter. It made my day. Katrina Davis, the USJA Executive Office manager, recommended to me that I write the gentleman back and tell him that there are a lot of idiots we have to put up with and maybe he would write a bigger check!


Stephen Mills said...

Hi Anna Maria
or should I call you Dr.

I have just stumbled across your Blog, You are an inspiration to many who say, "I dont have the time to do that," or "well if I could fit it in to my schedule", There are so many thngs I would say to you, but it would sound like I am just sucking up, but some people deserve the repsct that they earn, and you so obviously do.
You have raised 4 Beautiful Kids held and built upon a demanding career, suffered great losses, faced adversity, oh and managed to be the best in the world at Judo, well done sausage, or is that Dr sausage.
Keep Smiling

Stephen Mills

Anonymous said...

Ronda's talent has a light of its' own.She is a natural talented and hard working athlete.