Saturday, May 16, 2009

Games People Should Play

Last Saturday, we went to visit Orange County Kodokan and had a great time. As he was leaving, one of the fathers asked his seven-year-old son,
"How was judo today?"
The little boy replied,
"It was good. It wasn't boring."

Here are is one drill we did and a game:

1. Ten-second drill : Get as close as possible to your partner without touching him while he is laying on his back. At Hajime, the player on top tries to pin before the bottom person escapes. This teaches both escaping and capturing the partner at the key transition point. Plus, it is fun.

2. Seoi nage freeze tag: One player is it and runs around and tags people. If you are tagged, you are frozen and can only be unfrozen if someone else throws you with seoi nage. This develops cardiovascular conditioning, is a good way to work on doing seoi nage quickly (before you get tagged). Plus, it is fun.


Gant Grimes said...

Thanks for the ideas! Roy was ill on Monday, so I took the kids' classes. The 10-second drill was cool. We did it until everybody escaped or pinned someone.

Freeze tag was a different story. It quickly became apparent that we were headed for lots of unexpected dental work, so we shut that one down. Maybe the older kids can handle it better.

Thanks again for the blog.

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