Saturday, May 26, 2012

The SECOND-best book on judo matwork you'll read this year

It is a false rumor spread by my enemies that you need to think like me to be my friend. However, it couldn't hurt because as we all know, I am often right about things.

Just after I wrote this post on how the future of judo matwork may not be in judo, my friend, Steve Scott sent me (and several hundred other people!) this email about his new book that is in press. Notice what he says in the announcement - with emphasis added by me.

  Turtle Press has published my new book JUJI GATAME ENCYCLOPEDIA and will have it available in a few weeks on their web site at
However, it is now availabe for pre-sale at Amazon.
   This is a large book, 8 1/2 " by 11" in size with 423 pages and over 1,600 photos...all about one thing; Juji Gatame.
      No book yet published, to my knowledge, has been devoted exclusively to Juji Gatame and is this large in content. There are approximately 175 different variations of Juji Gatame included in this book. There are more than 1,600 photos clearly showing the applications and skills of this armlock in both "gi" and "no gi" situations. This book is ideal for anyone in every combat sport or martial art.     
     The book covers a large amount of information and includes an in-depth look at the core skills of this great armlock, as well as combinations using Juji Gatame,transitions from standing to the mat, how to lever or pry an opponent's arm loose to apply the armlock, defenses and escapes, doing Juji Gatame from a variety of positions including belly-down, standing and other situations, plus a lot more. This book systematically analyzes Juji Gatame from a wide variety of functional perspectives and is the first book yet published to devote 423 pages to the singular subject of this one, but important, armlock; Juji Gatame.

Notice the wording in this release - and believe me, after writing a dozen books and a regular newsletter on judo for 40 years, Steve chooses his words carefully and well. The points Steve makes - how to pry an opponent's arm loose from a variety of positions, defenses and escapes - none of his is judo -specific.

He is correct. and this was exactly the point in my last post. Buy Steve's book. I'm sure it will be almost as good as Winning on the Ground (I heard that's the title he really wanted but it was already taken by someone who told him to suck it.)

P. S. Speaking of judo being used outside of judo,  Congratulations to Rick Hawn for winning the Bellator Lightweight Tournament last night. 


Ze Grappler said...

glad to see some us within the judo community are emptying our tea cups and looking for what works rather than being insecure about cross training or realizing there are things to gain from other styles of grappling/mat work.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

If it works and you win it was right. I have thought this way since I was competing 30 years ago & trained with wrestlers - long before there was any women's wrestling

Steve Scott said...

Thanks for the kind words AnnMaria. This book is an in-depth and serious look at juji gatame and how athletes, coaches and technicians (like you and your daughter, as well as others)have used it in realistic situations. Actually, the fact that you and I have been friends for many years is clearly shown in this book as it reflects our mutual approach to the application of core skills, leading to functional skill development and then systematically defining and coaching the skill to fit the needs of the athlete performing it. As far as your upcoming book, there is no doubt that it will be a major and positive addition to judo, but it will also prove to be a major and positive addition to the larger world of combat sports. Again, thank you very much for the publicity you gave my upcoming book. A lot of time and effort was spent on JUJI GATAME ENCYCLOPEDIA and I hope it is well-received.