Monday, June 25, 2012

Competitiveness on a high note

I uploaded this picture just because it was so funny. This is a picture of Crystal demonstrating an escape from a pin.

As you may have noticed, this is NOT, in fact, a picture of Crystal having escaped. In fact, the very perceptive reader (and even the reader who is dumber than a box of hair) will have noticed that she is on her back with Ronda trying an arm bar.

This is not how this move is supposed to end.

We were at the Black Belt Magazine studios taking photos to illustrate the techniques in the book Jim Pedro, Sr. and I are writing.  Crystal did the escape but because Ronda cannot stand to lose at ANYTHING - EVER , she immediately followed up, jumped on her and went for the arm bar. 

When I saw this going through the pictures for the final draft, I thought of reacting in my usual calm, motherly, reasonable manner by yelling at her

"Ronda! What the hell were you doing? You're supposed to be letting her escape."

I saved my breath, though, in part because I am out of the country so it would cost me a dollar a minute to yell at her over the phone. Mostly, though, because having been through this before, I know the response I will get, a very defensive pouting, 

"What? I let her escape from the first one. What more do you want?"


Anonymous said...

Her awesomeness continues to be well..awesome.

dsimon3387 said...

chuckles and chuckles again

We love our kids because we would kill em otherwise!!!!