Saturday, July 14, 2012

Winning on the Ground, seriously now

Ronda and I discussing the new book that is going to be done this week (hurray), by Jim Pedro, Sr. and me. One of our points is that we think many authors underestimate martial artists, both in judo and mixed martial arts.

We didn't get into this on the video because we were interrupted by a  film crew from Showtime knocking on the door, but I wonder if part of the reason that so many books seem to underestimate the intelligence of the martial arts market is that they are often written by some ghost writer and not by the person whose name is on the cover.

I know this for a fact because there are some people who have books out that I've never seen write anything longer than a text message.

Somebody asked me how much of our book Jim and I actually wrote. The answer is - every damn word of it.

.... oh, and I have no idea why Ronda put on those silly glasses for this video. Perhaps it is because we were having a book discussion and she wanted to look particularly academic.


mmafanatic said...

Just watched the video where Ronda threatens violence to Kim Kardasian because she doesn't like her..... Wow. Ronda is an embarrassment.
Your daughter, time and time again, has shown herself to be an emotional train wreck. It's odd and disturbing to see a girl act that way.

So it makes it pretty damn ironic that she thinks Kim is a bad role model.

Al B Here said...

I'm guessing that MMAfanatic didn't see the full video. The red carpet reporter asked Ronda if there were any celebrity that she could/would smack down. It was a leading question, all meant in good fun, and Ronda went with it. The points she made were absolutely valid and actually give a voice to what SO MANY of us wholeheartedly believe about the Kardashian clan. if he truly thinks Ronda was threatening Kardashian, then he needs to give his head a good shake and get a clue.

Weeks said...

Please tweet when the book is ready for sale. I'm interested!

Anonymous said...


It must suck to be so intimidated by real women. Ronda is bad ass, you can't handle it too bad..don't be scared hommie!

Dr. AnnMaria said...

In America, in English, when people say, for example, "I would like to kill people who post stupid comments on the Internet" it is what one refers to as "a figure of speech". The literal meaning is "The behavior of such people is offensive to me and stirs up negative emotions". It is not to be taken as point of fact, that the speaker is planning to locate each individual making stupid comments and commit homicide.

I hope this clears up the confusion for you.

Al B Here said...

I love you, Dr. Ann Maria. You're awesome.

dsimon3387 said...

sheesh that guy who posted above has no sense of humor. Rhonda has every right to collectively express our desire to become physical with some of these idiots that youngsters look up to.

I want to comment on the intelligence of the martial arts consumer. I wrote many years for BB and I can say, there is a lot of sensationalist BS that passes for information. But this is changing because when done properly Judo, MMA, etc increases intelligence. Sooner or later you pay the piper and this means if you approach training as a meathead and read material for a meathead you will be treated as a meathead.

Kim Kardashian said...

I wonder if mmafanatic is a guy who would rather have a vagina insted of a penis to pee from?