Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Rice - Help Hungry People, Win Stuff

The free rice contest begins again now.  Free rice is a website where Ronda Rousey (a.k.a. daughter number 3) has a group. where you answer questions on topics like math, Spanish, English vocabulary, science - the questions are pretty easy in some categories. For every question you answer, the advertisers on the site donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program.

In case you don't know, Ronda is going to be fighting for the UFC on February 23, in Anaheim, California. You can buy tickets here or watch it on pay-per-view.

Before each title fight, Ronda runs a contest to raise food for the hungry since she is cutting weight and hungry. Between the last two fights, the group has raised over 30,000,000 grains of rice. Since one bowl of rice is about 3,400 grains and comes out to about 3 cups of cooked rice, that is enough to feed approximately 8,850 people.

How to win, what to win, when to win details below. First of all, join the group and donate rice. How it works is if you click on the link to join the group, you answer questions and for every correct answer 10 grains of rice are donated by the ad sponsor. (The ads vary.) 
Here is how to win stuff:

1. Be in the top five donors OR donate a million grains of rice (easier than it sounds - four people have done it so far).

By the way, if you are in this group and will be at the fight LET ME KNOW. We will try to catch up and give you your winnings in person.

Here is some of the stuff the nice people at Fight Chix donated. Ronda will autograph it all.

2. Be lucky.  Out of all of the rest of the people who have donated, we will pull three people out at sort of random. We'll weight your chances by the amount of rice donated. I'm a statistical programmer so I can do that sort of thing. If you have donated 300,000 grains of rice you have 30,000 times the chance of the person who donated 10 grains - but they DO still have a chance. Hey, people buy lottery tickets, right? Those people will also get prizes.

When: As of weigh-ins on February 22nd.

Thank you for feeding hungry people, by the way. To quote Ronda, "It sucks to be hungry".

Make sure when you are playing that it shows rondaUFC as your group at the top right if you want the group to get credit.

(Even though I said this, there will be at least 40 times when people don't do it and then write me to complain they did not get credit. I know because I have done this and I am estimating at least 10% of the population is as dumb as me.)

Notice this is a new group. We could not get the old one re-set to zero, and since this is her first UFC fight, it seemed only fitting to start a new group.

P.S. We have gotten organized. In the past we had some problem with people getting their stuff. Some of it seemed to have disappeared en route and then we had to send them something again. Or we'd think it got mailed out with the last bunch of stuff and it was still sitting in the supply closet in my office. So, this time we will be sending everything out in one fell swoop after the fight, and keeping tracking numbers.


Al B Here said...

I'm at 20,000 grains already. :)

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Yay, you!

Joshua Sealock said...
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Dr. AnnMaria said...

Joshua -
I do not know the answer to that question. Last time the top 2 got signed UFC Topps cards. Trivial note I did not know - there is a lot of fake stuff out there and when you actually do get a card with an original signature some official witnessed it signed and recorded the card number.

Stuff to give away that we have right now - well I guess I will post that in my next blog