Friday, January 18, 2013

Matwork Escape Drill and Some Free Rice

The other day I was in a conditioning mood so we did a number of drills for conditioning. In the drill shown below, the goal is to prevent your partner from getting across the mat, or alternatively, if you are the person on the bottom, to get out from the bottom position and get across the mat.

You can see that this particular drill serves multiple purposes. The person on the bottom has to develop some skills to escape or just use muscle to get out of that position. The person on top has to come up with some way to stop the bottom person from reaching the other end of the mat. A smart person or particularly mean one would choke or arm bar the person on the bottom and refuse to give up unless they promised to stop and lay there. (Yes, I totally cheat.)

On a completely different note, Ronda's free rice group has had about 23,000,000 grains of rice donated since she started training for the fight February 23 and about 54,000,000 grains of rice donated for this plus her last two fights combined. This is enough for 15,400 meals.

I donated 45,000 myself, which is enough to feed about 13 people. Yes, I'm a slacker compared to some of you guys. My point is, go to the freerice site and play.

If you don't know what this is about and what you could win, go here. There have actually been more prizes donated since.  Thanks to April from Judo Unlimited for the latest.


Sylver said...

Unconscious people can't move... golden!

Sylver said...

Well, it was bound to happen someday. ;)

It looks like a good drill too.