Monday, July 22, 2013

A letter from Jim Pedro, Sr. to all USA Judo Members and Affiliates (follow-up)

Note: Someone asked me about this early in the morning (okay, for me, that is about 10 a.m.) and I hadn't read it. I told the person that knowing the parties involved I was sure that Jim was in the right. Having read his letter, I still say the same.  I had the letter posted here earlier today and then received the statement at the bottom ... So - that was interesting.



To All USA Judo Members & Affiliates

USA Judo has read the letter that I posted today, I have removed my letter after speaking with the USA Judo President Lance Nading I was "promised" & "assured" that all the problems we have and have had with our athletes will be taken care of and we will FINALLY have our program in place for the next three years so we can accomplish our goals at the 2016 Olympic Games. I would like to personally thank everybody who read and supported my letter. Hopefully, USA Judo will be on the upswing again.

Jim Pedro, Sr.


Language School Guy said...

All of the US based Judo associations are out of touch with the art/sport and its members.

This is just another piece of evidence and is a real shame. They exist to support the fighters and for some reason neglect them entirely.

gordo197215 said...

Mrs. Demars I have a question for maybe you can help and answer this we all know boys sometimes mature slower than girls. If you were an owner of a BJJ facility involved molding young minds into athletes and you see a lil 4 year old girl showing more interest and potential than some of the boys in class. Would you allow her join? I am asking because my niece is 4 she has been watching her older brothers wrestle and do BJJ for the last 2 months. She can do all the exercises that the boys do she listens to the the trainers better than some of the boys and executes moves when told to. Would you invite her into your class or tell her parents to put her in gymnastics?

Dr. AnnMaria said...

I used to teach a preschool judo class. Some schools have Lil Dragons or similar classes. I don't see any harm in it. Of course, it's true that the vast majority of kids quit and go on to something else, but that's to be expected. Who has their future shaped at 4? Very few of us.