Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Free Rice Winners - Top 10

Below are the top 10 in the Ronda Rousey Team Free Rice competition.

User Name Grains in Group

louchristopher 1,243,440

Alan260 1,188,240

laurajw1988 1,001,000

dangerousH2Os 599,000

Ego Amigo 544,440

Hugo Lemos 467,720

yingherng 455,300

sdidntknow 402,510

box8 385,620

norad2 369,090

During the five weeks leading up to the weigh-ins, the group raised 10,000,000 grains of rice for the World Food Programme, which will feed over 3,000 people. In addition, there was a donation of $500, which Ronda matched, and a donation of $50, which I matched, so the WFP also received $1,100 in cash.

Prizes: In the past, we tried to guess what the top place winners would like and did not always guess correctly from what I heard. So ... the prizes are either a shirt-shred made by Ronda or original gear from The Ultimate Fighter show (shorts, tank tops, etc.) . The people who donated over 1,000,000 grains of rice can pick which they want (I already heard from Laura) and the other seven people will get what is left.


If you are on this top ten list and don't want a shirt or TUF gear and would like an autographed poster from Xyience or Insureon instead, let me know that, too.

I'll post the weekly winners from weeks 4 and 5-ish along with the 5 selected at random tomorrow. They get different prizes so I didn't want to include it in the same post and get people confused and mad at me because they expected one thing and got another.

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Done. :) I hope your alternate personality, Bob, doesn't miss this e-mail.