Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why I'm Not Allowed to Be a UFC Commentator

When Ronda fought Sara McMann, my friend, Tina came to watch. Tina happens to be blind and the very nice security people felt so sorry for her having to listen to me give the play by play that they came up and offered to hook her up to a microphone to listen to Joe Rogan.

At the most recent fight, this was the discussion between Maria and I as we watched the fight:

Me: Why did they stop it and give the other guy a chance to rest?

 Random Guy next to us: Because his opponent hit him in the balls.

Me: That can't be legal, can it? Don't they get a penalty or something?

Random Guy: Not on the first one.

Maria: That can't be right. I don't believe everyone gets one free shot at the balls. Because, if that was the case, every fighter would take his one gratuitous ball shot. In every fight, it would start out with each fighter kneeing the other one in the balls, and once that was over they would start from there.

Random Guy: Well, if the referee thinks it's intentional, he can get a penalty on the first one.

Me: How do they know it's intentional? Is that when the fighter says, "Hey, ref, look at this- " and then, whammo, kicks the guy right in the nuts?

At this point, security came and chased away Random Guy because he was actually sitting in the wrong seat and some baseball player named Alex Rodriguez was actually supposed to be sitting there. I found this out only because I asked Maria why people kept coming up and asking the guy next to me to take pictures with them. I had heard of him. He was much larger in real life than I had expected, and also very quiet so I do not know his opinions on people getting kicked in the balls in MMA but I am just going to assume that he is against it.

And this is why they do not allow me to be a sports commentator.


mike ripple said...

Mrs. DeMars,

Damn, you must be a blast to hang out with!!!

Mike R.

mike ripple said...

Mrs. DeMars,

Now I have a plan. My daughter has been bugging me as of late to take her to Vegas.
OK...Ronda will fight Gina in December, Cat in April, Whiney girl's best budd (Pena) in July at fan expo, and finally, for the BIGGEST payday, Cyborg at the end of 2015. Ronda retires at 14-0
I will pretend to be Alex Rodriquez arm in arm with my new flavor of the month (my daughter is 19...this could really work!!!)
And...I would get to meet the woman behind the woman because you know what THEY say..."Behind every great woman there is a greater woman"

It could work???

Love you guys

Mike R

Jon Peltier said...

I dunno, I think you'd be a good commentator.