Friday, January 23, 2015

What's in the Ronda Rousey Basket?

If you go to church events even a little bit you are probably familiar with the baskets that are raffled or auctioned off.

If you don't ever go to church then not only are you missing out on church (duh) but you are also lacking in cultural knowledge such as this.

Basically, whoever is organizing the event calls up various people and asks if you can get together a basket of something around a theme. A movie night basket might have popcorn, movie passes and big boxes of candy. A relaxation basket might have candles, bath salts and a pass for a spa.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is having a Casino Night on January 24, 2015 (yes, Saturday as in tomorrow) from 6 - 11 pm.
3883 Baldwin Park Blvd.
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

There is also a silent auction and raffle. It costs $30 and that includes card games, all you can eat and drink and brownie points with God thrown in free.

In case you are interested in going and bidding, here is what is in the Ronda Rousey basket. You can see the items picture above.

Autographed items
Large autographed poster
Medium autographed poster
8x 10" autographed photo
Autographed copy of Winning on the Ground
Autographed UFC  shirt

Non-autographed items
I will arm bar your soul t-shirt
2 Ronda Rousey American Beauty patches

Here is the link for more information on the Casino Extravaganza  - yes, the church has a Facebook page.

I won't be there, unfortunately, because I'm flying out to North Dakota on Friday night for the roll out of our latest game.

If you're in the area, though, drop in. You can probably pick up the basket for a much lower bid than something like this on ebay and Catholic churches in LA usually have amazing Mexican and Filipino food. Let me warn you, though, be CAREFUL with the margaritas. Those 80-year-old Mexican abuelitas can drink you under the table. I speak from painful experience.

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