Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Your Thoughts Are Welcome

I'll cut to the point - I'm wondering if I should keep blogging about judo and life. I've been writing this blog for 8 years now.  The posts on matwork even turned into a book, Winning on the Ground.

I'm really pressed for time these days. It is all I can do to make it to Gompers to teach on Fridays and  to fit in a few weekend activities with the students each year.

Tomorrow, we are doing the first school-wide beta testing for our new bilingual game, Aztech, which is our fourth game.  We've had a few beta test sites that were classrooms or after school programs but this is the first whole school roll out.

It was my lovely youngest daughter's last home soccer game, so we drove two hours to watch that, had dinner with her, drove two hours back and am now going back and forth between working on testing the install of our desktop games (works on Mac, Windows 8 & 10),  adding more math to the new web-based games (which also work on Chromebooks and iPads) and writing a grant for additional funding.

I'm sure almost everyone reading this has the same feeling of not enough hours in a day.

Ironically, I've actually been DOING more judo lately and blogging about it less. We went to a clinic with the fabulous Flavio Canto at Orange County Judo Training Center last month and this month I got to be part of the Grappling Summit in Morgan Hill (really pretty place I had never been). Of course, I taught transition to armbars.

I also started doing a youtube playlist on Five Minutes of Free Advice, partly because it only takes me 10 minutes, counting the uploading. Lanny and I did talk about athletes with unrealized potential in one of those.

So, since I ramble on about what I'm thinking about here, I thought I'd solicit your thoughts. Is 8 years enough? Should I just blog about judo? Should I give up both blogging and judo and try knitting?


Anonymous said...

Please never ,ever stop blogging! I am not an athlete but you have taught me so much about winning at life and your knowledge and common sense are invaluable.

MontanaAmerican said...

Don't give up blogging...Speaking for myself I started my blog a little over a year ago and had the goal of writing a new blog post every day for a year..I reached that goal and now I cut it back to every M,W,F..I have PTSD so for me it is a way to release the inner demons..I like reading your blog, honestly it's the only one I follow..But you do what you gotta do..Best of luck!

Rick Matz said...

I find your thoughts to be interesting and edifying.

Unknown said...

I, for one, enjoy your posts on any topic, but judo is my focus and what I'm most interested in. Like anything else online, blogging seems like a one-sided affair - you write and then wonder if there's anyone on the other end. I can assure you that we are here and appreciate your efforts. I look forward to new posts, but we all have to prioritize. I'd vote for "write to us when you have a few minutes. Your efforts are appreciated."

Anonymous said...

No need to stop, necessarily. Just blog less and post when you have more time, or something really interesting to say.

Anonymous said...

Every single morning before I go to school (which I am doing right now and saw this post) or sometimes even when I go to jiu jitsu practice I always check to see if you have posted any new blogs. They are a great source of inspiration and it gives me an extra push of motivation when I don't feel like going or am just feeling down, I am always able to somehow apply what you said to my life. I truly feel like I can relate to the things you say and like you actually know what you're talking about. I read this quote that said "people often say motivation doesn't last, well neither does bathing that's why we recommend it daily". Your blog is a great place where I can get my daily dose of inspiration :) I personally am someone who strives to inspire others and also looks for inspiration in all situations and you help me do that with your blogs. I always tell my friends things you write or say in your videos that I believe could help them or something that I simply just found to be profound. My point is... I would be highly disappointed and sad to see you stop blogging. Especially if it was because you didn't think it was worth it due to nobody reading them. So as long as you take the 10 minutes or how ever long it takes out of your busy, eventful, and tiring day to write these blogs you are at least inspiring and helping one person. And if you think about it, 10 minutes isn't long at all if you're talking about possibly changing someone's life with what you say. And I am very very certain I am not the only one who feels like this about your blogs.

Anonymous said...

I have never commented before - but thought now would be a good time! I started reading your blog after finishing Ronda's book. I read your blog mostly for your random 'life insights'. As someone in my 20s, it is refreshing to hear life advice from a woman who has accomplished so much. So my vote is to continue the blog! Love hearing your stories and pearls of wisdom.

shalomn said...

I could understand if you simply didn't have the time to blog, but I'd definitely miss reading your posts, I find them variously; thought provoking, amusing, inspiring but always good reading.

Stromkins said...

I sincerely hope that you continue to blog once in a while. This wee column is both pleasant and useful.

Matthew Lee said...

I've only been been reading your blog for the last six months or so, but I enjoy it a lot and I hope you keep doing it.

However, if your schedule dictates you spend your time elsewhere, I'm sure I'll survive.

Either way, thank you.

plam said...

I appreciate your blogging but I understand that there are competing priorities in life (one of the reasons I don't have a blog myself.) I hope you continue though!

(Sabbaticals are great for temporarily getting rid of the not-enough-hours-in-day problem. I can even get lots of quality judo training in at the nearby national training center, and without even having to drive to get there.)

peter said...

do not stop blogging.
you have a original and insightful view of life,as it pertains to not only judo.
but all of your endeavours in the world.

Christina said...

Please don't stop blogging! D: I'm one of those quiet readers who never comments (shame!) but always reads! Whenever I see there is a new blog post I get really happy cause then I know I have something great to read during my next lunch after the morning shift with the cows.

Please do keep writing Mrs. Mars. Your posts are fantastic and it always makes my day. And even though I don't do Judo myself I still enjoy reading about it. And anything you write about really, be it some philosophical view or just a random rant. I might be repeating myself but, if you find time, please squeeze in a post now and then. I don't care what it's about.

Oh and I bought your book too. It's great! :D Even for someone who just practices a bit of grappling on a completely unprofessional level!

Cheers from Norway!

joe said...

I think you should only stop blogging if it is something you don't enjoy doing anymore. If it is just about time, you can defer your decision and not think too much about it. If you don't have time to write now, then don't. If you find time later, then you can post. Just take it easy and enjoy :)

Also, you may want to revisit again your reason for blogging so you can weigh things properly.

Another suggestion, you may also change the style of your writing. So you can document your experiences, but spend less time with it. Example, fewer words or fewer graphics so you can write on the go, even with your mobile phone.

Wertle said...

I always enjoy reading your posts, they tend to give me good perspective and insight. I'm more of a reader than a watcher, so I like insightful writing, though I understand that's an entirely selfish reason to say "keep spending your valuable time to provide insights to me for free on a regular basis!"

If you stopped writing in order to better allocate your time, I would of course survive :)

Frank said...


I for one enjoy your posts on life more and would be happy to continue reading for another 8 years but just do whatever makes you happy.
If you stop blogging you'll still wake up tomorrow and be the same cool person so just do what you want to do is my suggestion.


Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else! I read this blog primarily for your general musings on life. Keep blogging, you have great command of the form. I also like your new advice videos, they're more unstructured than the blog, looking forward to where they go!

Juliana Alexandria said...

First of all don't you ever stop blogging. We love it! Honestly, you don't need to focus on one subject, write wherever you like.

You talk about being stuck on traffic a lot and since 24 hours on a day doesn't seem enough for you, why don't you hire a driver? It's not such a crazy idea if you think about it. I don't know how much time you spend on a car but depending of how much it is, it could be worthwhile. Just hire an intern or something haha

Unknown said...

I have personally learned so much by reading your blog posts, I discovered it recently (like many, after reading "My Fight, Your Fight") so I have a long time to catch up to all your publications prior to this year.
I wish you would do them forever but I know that you will keep finding ways of expressing and dispersing knowledge, like your 5 minute videos, for example. Thank you for doing this.

Stephen said...

Keep blogging.

I'm curious about your thoughts on

Anonymous said...

If you decide to stop blogging....Thank you for taking the time over the last few years to blog. Your insights have been helpful.

If you decide to continue blogging ... Thank you for continuing to make the effort of putting down your thoughts, its hard work, and its greatly appreciated.

Rebecca said...

I'm another who doesn't comment, but who certainly reads and enjoys your blog. I generally find your musings about life and motivation and parenting interesting and thought provoking - definitely challenges my thinking at times, which is a good thing. You're a strong female voice with a unique story and insights in a blog world that can really lack that.
But hey, knitting is good too!

Unknown said...

Dear Dr. De Mars,

Please keep blogging about judo and life. Just blog whenever you are really in the mood.

I greatly enjoy your 5 Minute Advice
Video Blogs as well. Brilliant promotional idea for your company.

Your communications are so wise, funny and practical.

Well, to be less selfish, please follow my following free advice to the letter:

Do what you think is best (smile & wink)

Cathy B in Toronto said...

Adding another (late) voice to the chorus - I enjoy your writing on whatever subject catches your attention.

Kerry said...

Whether or not you continue to blog is certainly your decision and I am sure that you will make the right one. I've read your entire blog and have enjoyed it immensely. I'd greatly miss it, were it to stop, but as in all things, life would go on. I wish you only the best, no matter what you decide.