Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jessamyn and Shayna Twitch for Charity

What's a twitch and why are Jessamyn and Shayna doing it?

For the uninitiated among you, is where you can watch your favorite gamers play your favorite games. A friend commented to me that was pretty lame but this is someone who watches fishing shows and golf so, yeah, just quiet down over there. 

You can find Shayna Baszler at where she plays games and rants about all things fighting and wrestling.

Jessamyn Duke, another fighter, also has a channel on twitch

When Jessamyn was over at our house on Thanksgiving, I showed her the new Fish Lake we are RELEASING ON STEAM IN THE NEXT WEEK (can you tell I am excited?) and she offered to stream it on her channel when it came out.

I actually watch twitch at least a couple of times a week myself to get ideas for our games, when my own personal favorite gamer, Ronda, is not available.

My score last night was 1,950


Jessamyn and Shayna will both play Fish Lake on the day it comes out on Steam. (It should be this Friday, I'll let you know as soon as we get the go ahead from Steam.) Fish Lake is sort of like biathlon of video games. In biathlon you have to be good at cross-country skiing and shooting and you can't win the Olympics unless you are good at both of those. In Fish Lake, you have to be good at both playing games - shooting, canoeing - and fractions. Yes, it's an educational game.

Both Jessamyn and Shayna will receive the link for the game as soon as I finish this post. You can get it yourself on our website for $9.99 

They'll play it on twitch and I'll be donating $500 to the winner's charity.

#Gunclub charity : World Food Program - they feed hungry people around the world

#QueensArmy charity : Children of the Night provides a home, school, counseling and transportation to the shelter for children in the sex trade in the U.S.

Working on Fish Lake is why I have been barely visible the past two months. Download it for yourself or someone you like.


Dr. AnnMaria said...

APPROVED BY STEAM YESTERDAY - will be available on Steam on 12/16 !!

Ardebaren said...

Twitch TV!, now you're getting to the heart of gamers. Twitch TV is the pulse of gamers a the moment, I highly suggest you start a channel of your own Ann Maria, label it as creative and watch the viewers climb.

I watch Twitch frequently and as a gamer of over 20 years, I can pretty much guarantee it is the go-to place for gaming or even advertising gaming.

Obvious gamer formula!

Twitch. TV + gaming + gamer = word of mouth *thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up*