Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eight players, nine medals and counting - not a bad weekend

First of all, congratulations to the fine clubs that developed these players. Los Angeles City College, Goltz Judo, Hayastan, San Shi, Sawtelle, Tenri, Guerreros, At-large Judo and Encino.

We had at least ten players at tournaments. I have not heard yet how Allen did (masters division, San Diego), or Nick (9-10, in Las Vegas) or if Haykus, Kendall, Megan, Harout or Erik competed this weekend or where. Here are the results I know so far...

Continental Crown

Crystal Butts - two gold medals, junior and senior 57 kg
Gary Butts - silver, masters
Harmik Aghakhani - silver medal 66 kg
Yazmin Boca-Bott - bronze medal 52 kg
Brent Yasukochi = bronze medal, 60 kg juniors
Gavin Purdy - bronze medal, 81 kg

All-Women's Tournament

Julia De Mars - two gold medals, girls 9-10, girls 11-14
Rachel Garcia moved up from the novice division to the open and did not place, but she did compete in three matches and scored in every one of them.

The best part was that Gary Butts and Ronda Rousey went to the two tournaments as coaches so I could get caught up on work and I will actually have time to go to practice next week. Hurray!

We are super-proud of the progress these players have been making.

There is practice, back in our old digs and at the same time on Saturday

10 - 11:30 conditioning
1 -4 technical and randori (we MAY have a special guest and it is not who you think. I am awaiting confirmation)

Saturday, 123 South 1st Street, La Puente, CA

SHOW UP. Those of you who worry that you are not advanced enough, too old, or whatever, ask your instructor what he or she thinks. If your instructor recommends it, come. We met many people at San Fernando, Pasadena, Hayastan, Goltz and LACC the past few weeks. Now that you know what our practice is like, feel free to drop in.

I am heading out now to Las Vegas (I am going to a software conference. I just finished another one).

If you went to a tournament today, or if you just know who else went and how they did, please post the info here. You all know how nosy I am.

---- REQUIRED JUDO TIP -------------
Not every day is the same if you are a competitive player. If you are doing judo for fun and recreation, just keep it up and ignore the next part.

Training for a major competition, you need to peak. You also need to develop technique, tactics, analysis. So, if your goal is to win the senior nationals in April right now you should be getting in good shape. Every day, you should be running or lifting. At judo practice, which you should be attending as many times as humanly possible, you need to be working on the techniques that are going to help you win. If there is a player who beat you last year, in randori, you need to be having people in your club simulate that player, e.g., get a high left grip on the lapel and attack with tai otoshi. This is your chance to work on blocking and countering. Analyze your judo. What is your weakest point?

As a coach, this is what you should be having your players do now. We weren't even out of the airport when randori was saying,
"There were a couple of problems I saw with Julia and Rachel at the tournament that I really want them to work on at the next practice .... "

Train harder AND smarter. It's a lethal combination.

Question for you -
Who are the five people in your division you need to beat? Are they right- or left-handed? Are they stronger standing or on the mat? What is their weakest position on the mat? What is their strongest position on the mat? What is your plan to beat each of those people?

Hint: Hoping for the best is not a plan and neither is "just do my judo".

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