Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hot Time in Arkansas

Haven't updated this blog lately as I have been
A. Doing clinics in Arkansas and
B. Writing a paper for a software conference.

Both being done now, I am tired and fortunately, I received this article for Growing Judo from Ed Thibideau today so I am posting it here as it says nicer things about me than I would say about myself.

Coach Certification and Judo Clinics Held In Arkansas
July 11 & 12, 2009
Ed Thibedeau, Chief Instructor Arkansas Goshinkan, USJA Regional Coordinator

On Saturday, July 11th we were afforded the opportunity to have Dr. AnnMaria DeMars in Little Rock, AR to conduct a coach certification clinic. Arkansas Goshinkan was host for both clinics. We had 11 participants, representing four judo clubs from around Arkansas. Six people were certified or recertified as coaches. In addition to the coach certifications, two people were recommended for approval as coach certification course instructors.
The clinic was well rounded in the material covered; ethics, age appropriate instruction techniques, coaching girls and women, newaza combinations, transitions from nage waza to newaza, ….

On Sunday AnnMaria had a late flight out of Little Rock so she agreed to do an afternoon clinic for the kids. Good thing she had a red & white belt on, otherwise we would have lost here in the horde of little ones. She tried to convince the kids she was a grandma, but it didn’t look like they bought into it after doing one on one judo with her.

[Read the July issue of Growing Judo for the whole article.]

Also, for those of you interested in the USJA election (and how could you NOT be? Oh, well, don't answer that) here is the website showing some of our candidates. I hope they ALL win. There are ten people here and there are eleven seats on the board, so it is possible. Check back regularly for more information (and another candidate or two).


Samantha said...

I read several of the pages on the website, however the text was VERY small and I had trouble. I'm not even old! But, I am related to you. Stupid bad eye genes...

The midwest is lucky to ever have clinics from you, the way you feel about the beach and the sunshine, and snow! "If I want to see snow, I'll watch the weather channel!", right?

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Fortunately, there is no snow in Missouri in July.