Monday, February 13, 2012

Judo Needs a Sense of Perspective

My work lately has been a reflection of Zeno's Paradox and a million points to Hayward Nishioka for when I mentioned that I seem to get 50% done and then 75% done and then 90% done but never 100% done asking,

"Hey, wasn't that something in math, like somebody's paradox?"

Yet another reason that I think Hayward is totally awesome.

I do have some photos on how to go from an inside turn to a pin, a sneaky way to do an arm bar or two and two ways to really get out of an arm bar. (I may save the latter for after March 3rd.)

Not having time to put those up, though, I thought I would just record a couple of rants on cinch cast on my drive to judo. So here, you go, rant number one.

If the link above doesn't work for you, try this one.

And if this rant makes you unhappy, you'll just *love* what I have to say about athletes.


Unknown said...

hi, I saw something from miesha tate yesterday saying that "I think nine times out of ten, wrestling trumps judo," Tate explaned. "There's a lot of things I can do as a wrestler to just shut her judo down, nullify it. And my grappling is world class.

What do you think about that? thanks SportsGeeks

robthornton72 said...

Miesha's daydreaming if she thinks she can accomplish that. That was a desperate bluster.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

If that was true, wouldn't you think people who didn't make the Olympic wrestling team would just go into judo and win medals?

Funny how that doesn't happen.

Wonder why no one in the world thought of that?

It is true that many wrestlers would beat most judo players because most judo players don't train as hard and are not in as good shape as most wrestlers. However, most judo players aren't Olympic and world medalists in the sport, either.

I do believe that all elite athletes include this in their prayers,

"God, give me an opponent who underestimates me."