Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nice guys should NOT finish last: Please send an email

Here is the story behind this...

Four years ago, when the program at Gompers Middle School started,  Ronda had just come back from the Olympics and agreed to teach there for free. Just one problem - their mats were old, came apart and were generally not safe to work out on. This presented a dilemma - who did I know who would lend me mats for free for an indefinite period of time?

I remembered Ronda's confirmation class teacher, the youth minister at our church, who was also a karate instructor. Sure enough, I called him up and he lent us enough mats for 16 kids to practice safely - and let us keep them FOR TWO YEARS.

In short, this is the kind of person who is just a good guy who goes out of his way to help others.

You know how sometimes you hear stories and you don't know who to believe? This isn't one of those times. Please, after you read this story, take a few minutes out of your day and send an email.

Thank you.

The story in Sean's own words ...


On May 24th, 2012; two orphans were sold to the highest bidder. We were in middle of adopting two precious little angels whom we loved very very much, and they loved us even more in return. Then someone else decided they wanted them. Even in the world of foster care and adoptions there is a 1%,. it is not money, but "Who you know." We are part of the 99%, so we lost out. We were called on the phone and told that we can never see or talk to the girls again. There was no formal good bye, there was no nothing. They were snatched from us just like that.

The next day, the 1%-er who took them from us, filed a petition with the court for adoption. The girls were even led to believe by adults around them, that our adoption was canceled because we did not want them, that the one with special needs was too much of a handful. So the girls blame it on themselves, and the 1%-er swoops in to save them. Yeah....  The really sad part is that they used to always tell us how much they disliked that home, and could not wait to move in with us.


Send a mail to our server - that will be distributed to the Head of DCFS, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (His bosses), and State Senator Curren Price (Their boss). Justice@27Wishes.com . You can also get all the individual e-mail addresses at our main site listed below.

It is SO EASY – just write to them about case number CK44848 – and ask them “Please investigate this case. Seems injustice has been done to those girls!" If you are so moved to write more, then go to our site, where several people have posted letters, and you can read the entire story, you can even borrow from their letters!

You can also “Like” our site – www.Facebook.com/Justice4Kids - there is power in numbers!

On Friday 10/12, the court formally starts the adoption proceedings! There is not a lot of time to make a difference!


dsimon3387 said...

Done. Adaption agencies.....the lot of them have a special place in Dante's Inferno reserved for them. They often use children as a financial means to an end and manipulate the sympathy of adults who want to love, to take in children as family. It should be easy for good people to adapt kids dammit! It should be base on what is best for the kids...with kids love makes up for many parential mishaps and financial solvency may be the least important part of a stable family. Man these stories situations trouble me.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

I was in a foster home when I was a kid. I can assure you that the foster care system often does a very poor job of meeting the needs of children.

and thank you for helping Sean and the girls. That was very kind of you.

Salman said...

I don't want to lie but I feel sick reading that this shit happens excuse my language fucking disgusting these people sound like pedophiles

Salman said...

I hope these kids found a good home people that genuinely care for them

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this story for a second.

Anonymous said...

This sounds awful, and because of that I'm probably biased against it being true, but I have to wonder: If this couple's contact with the kids was cut off so suddenly and completely that they cannot get a message to them, then how do they know that the kids blame themselves?


dsimon3387 said...

First off,

Thanks Doctor M,

second, without over analyzing the situation lets consider a couple of things shall we? a)Motive. Most unassuming people want to have children to take care of for good reasons. One does not generally go into an adoption situation because they are going to get financially enriched, or because they will now have more free time!

Second lets consider opportunity. There is a lot of scrutiny initially when a child is given a new home. It would be a stretch for a person to pay the fees, pretend to be decent, have the responsability (financial and otherwise) all in the name of evil...

On the other hand....Adoption agencies make a fortune off of kids, they have great powers of decision and even discretion....These agencies can hurt children and help them meaning imo there should be some checks and balances & some oversight.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Draypresct -
I think they are assuming that if a child is told an adoption fell through because the adoptive parents decided it was too much trouble, that the children would blame themselves.

As for those who say they don't believe this story. Well, I DO believe it, because I have known this couple for many years. I remember them talking about the girls they wanted to adopt, how much genuine concern they expressed every time the girls were discussed and how devastated they were when they were told the adoption was not going to happen.