Friday, December 6, 2013

Free Rice Winners for Week Two

Below are the top ten people in the free rice group

1. laurajw1988  395,000
2. Alan260        351,250
3. Kaitlin25 ***** 219,610
4. Megneck 198,440
5. MrNuff   192, 330 
6. jamesj8354 190,410 
7. Norad2 **** 165,290
8. Sdidntknow  *** 154,420
9. avia.camila07 ***114,010
10. zarabarry  108,780

Because you can only win a weekly prize once, the winners for this week have *** next to their name. Please email me or DM me on twitter your address.

and we will send you a nice signed poster from Insureon or Xyience. Two companies who kindly sent posters to give away.

There was also one person who donated $500 and said he did not want a prize mailed to him, he just wanted to know if Ronda would match his gift. Yes. She did. (Well, actually she gave me her credit card to do it because she was headed out to train somewhere and I was headed out to teach judo so I will do it this weekend.) I'll get his address and we'll send him a prize, too.

So far, the group has donated 3,400,000 grains of rice which is enough for 1,000 meals. The contest goes until Ronda weighs in on December 27.

You can go here to play, and you can learn more about the contest and Ronda's weight-cutting and free rice connection here.

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