Saturday, June 4, 2016

Signs You're Hanging Out With A Sociopath

Since I'm still trying to convince Maria and my husband to have the next More than Ordinary podcast focus on relationships, I decided to write about it here until they come to see the error of their ways and go along with me.


First,  let's talk about less than ordinary relationships  These traits don't seem to change very often so I would be for requiring certain people have
Warning: I'm the person your parents warned you about

tattooed in a conspicuous place.

Since that has not happened, let me give you Mama AnnMaria's red flags that you might be hanging out with a dirt bag

Fake honesty

For example, I worked with a guy who was having problems in his marriage. In explaining what happened he said
I made a mistake. I was having an affair with this other woman. My wife found pictures on my phone and saw the charge for the hotel on the credit card. When she confronted me about it, I was honest with her
Okay, what is it with you people charging hotels? This is far from the first person I have heard of doing this. If you have to be bumping ugliest with some stranger, can't you and McCheatypants between the two of you come up with the cash to cover four hours at the Sleazy Slime Motel?

Anyway, what I told my co-worker, Bob Loosedick , was
What the hell, that's not being honest. She caught you dead to rights with nasty pictures and evidence from your MasterCard. Saying, "Yes, that is my phone that you took out of my pants pocket" isn't being honest, or not denying it and saying, "No, I'm not cheating, I'm studying to be a gynecologist."

You weren't honest. You were CAUGHT. There's a difference.

It's the same thing with these stupid women dating guys in prison who say,
He's an honest guy. He doesn't deny that he beat the old lady with a lead pipe to steal her Yorkshire Terrier to sell it for body parts to buy crack.
Honest would be not be stealing in the first place. Similarly, if after denying you committed a crime, then getting convicted with DNA, security camera, eye witness and dog bite scars as evidence, admitting you did it when going up for parole isn't honesty, it's strategy.

Yorkshire Terrier named Bob

Fake Remorse

Ogden Nash said that he'd

Rather have a rude word from someone who had done me no harm
Than a graceful letter from the King of England saying he's sorry he broke my arm

I've more than once had words with someone who thought their being sorry about some behavior should excuse it. You know when the time to be sorry about doing something that would hurt me is?  Before you do it. And then don't fucking do it.

Then, they whine about it.
How can you not forgive me? I feel so BAD about running over your Yorkshire Terrier and getting you fired because I lied to your boss about you being the head of an international sex slave dog trafficking ring.

Ok, let me get this straight. YOU did something rotten and I should be okay with it now because YOU feel bad. If the biggest concern in my life was your feelings that would make sense but excuse me instead if I am concerned about my veterinarian bills and finding a new job before I get evicted. Also, people give me dirty looks now at the dog park.

Tell me again just how you're feeling bad is supposed to be an improvement in MY situation that you caused?

Fake Appreciation

Watch out for people when your relationship is 99% one way.

If there is ever anything I could do for you ...  I hear that a lot.

Thank you so much for flying to Antartica and teaching judo to penguins for me.

Writing this, I thought of a couple of friends at whose request I have given thousands of dollars to charities and non-profit organizations they support over the years. In that same period of time, we have run two Kickstarter campaigns that they have not supported in ANY way - not backed us for $5, tweeted out a link, posted on Facebook, emailed to a friend, nothing. They've never bought a single one of our games, never donated one to a school. The cheapest game is $4.99 so it isn't as if it is a hardship on them. How hard is it to email a friend who is a teacher or a parent and say, "Check this out".  They aren't bad people, but they are kind of bad friends. They are just so caught up in their own 'crusade' that they never think of anyone else. However, thinking about this, I'm going to be giving that money to different causes next year. There are lots of really good charities out there. *

The people you really have to watch out for, though, are the sneaky ones that try to PRETEND that you are doing each other favors.

 "Here, I brought you back this postcard from my trip to Nebraska. I came over here personally to give it to you and talk to you about investing $9,000,000 in my chain of Marijuana Dispensary and Pasta Restaurants called Pot O' Spaghetti. Because we're such friends and all, that's why I bought you the glossy postcard even though it's 3 cents more expensive. Also, here is a piece of string I had in my pocket that you can use to hang the postcard up over your desk."

* P.S.  Random weirdness. There will be people who say to me, "I can't believe that you'd be so petty to quit supporting a charity because your friends never bought a $5 game from your stupid company."  I notice this happens to people (not just me) all the time - they can give thousands of dollars or countless hours to a charity and end up with people mad at them because they didn't give more or didn't give it for more years.


Anonymous said...

First lesson: The theme of your blog has nothing to do with friendship. True friendship is, in its purest sense, unconditional. Your interactions with so-called friends seem to be exersizes in petulant political manuverings.

Anonymous said...

Second lesson:
Expectations ruin relationships, period.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Anonymous (if that is your real name), you DO sound like a sociopath. True friendships are a give and take founded on mutual respect. I cannot imagine what type of relationships you have where you cannot expect your friend to be honest, respectful or not a serial killer. Also, the words are 'exercise' and 'maneuverings'. Apparently, spelling is another expectation one should not have.

MontanaAmerican said...

I like it and I agree with you. I enjoy your posts keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does the yorkie look like Chewbacca?

Unknown said...

Reminds me of a late Lady friend who was telling me about a conversation with an "on his way to become an ex-boyfriend ".
Boyfriend : So you brought me in just because you were short on money ! ?
Lady friend : Yes ! That's it ! See... I'm honest !!

PS : why do so many of your followers post comments as "anonymous " ? Is there a stigma attached to being a reader of AnnMaria's blog ?

Anonymous said...

For a phd to "reach" as much as you do is, to say the least, embarrassing. Always on the defense.
I do not recall writing anything about honesty or serial killers. True friendships as with true or pure love should be selfless and unconditional no matter how many people like yourself have chosen to redefine. Your relationships appear politically motivated. You do something for someone and expect (key word here) something in return...and then you define that action as respect.
Third lesson: Narcissism and Sociopathy are pretty much next door neighbors.
BTW...calling me a sociopath just comes off as petulant. Come on, now.

Unknown said...

Dr. AnnMaria - regarding women that fall in love with violent prisoners, do you have more thoughts on hybristophilia in general? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Unknown said...

Dr. AnnMaria,

You hit the mail right on the head. Gotta love your brutal honesty. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your views so openly.

laura smith said...

I work part time in education as an SLP, and I never thought about donating one of your games to a teacher. That's a good idea. With school ending, maybe you could suggest people offer it as an end of the year gift to a teacher?

Unknown said...

Oops....I expected to spell "nail" correctly in my previous comment. Damn my sausage fingers. :/

mandy said...

I can't help it, I laughed at the wit...perhaps it was caustic (considering what most people are used to), but it wasn't false. I can tell by the eyes. For others, in general, one should not ignore when someone talks about themselves for 30+ minutes, after one has told them a serious feeling. Everyone likes to talk about themselves...however, narcissists will ignore any emotional needs you may need met, just to get their "story" out. All sociopaths are narcissists, but not all narcissists are sociopaths, or so I'm told. It also frustrates me that people generally consider "psychotic" to mean crazy serial killer, but I digress. I also don't think you posted this without a person in mind. I hope this isn't a TL;DR!

Cuivre said...

I love the Ogden Nash quote who said that he'd 'rather have a rude word from someone who had done me no harm than a graceful letter from the King of England saying he's sorry he broke my arm'.

Doesn't the current political communication styles of the Trump and Clinton campaigns fit respectively into this paradigm quite well? One has 'rude words' but generally good reviews/acts from employees-the other has good words and criminal, rude acts!

Unknown said...

Narcissists are different from sociopaths, but I agree, ignore them too