Friday, July 21, 2017

Life Advice to Gompers Judo Team

Guest Post by

Jael Hernandez

Gompers Judo Team Member

Me, between Las Vegas & Salt Lake City

Imagine working as a professional gambler and having fun while doing your job. Mike Landers, a professional gambler, came to talk to us today. He was kind enough to give the Gompers Judo club a game of chess to each of us along with other gifts.

Explaining the odds

He explained to us which games in the casino were not good to play because the odds were against us and no skill was involved. Our sensei, AnnMaria De Mars, was happy to see us learning about statistics.

Thank you, Bellagio & Mike for the lunch!

During lunch at the Bellagio, I had the chance to talk to him and even though he didn't want to be interviewed. I appreciated the opportunity to hear his words of advice.

"My tip for success is to be in relationships with people" Landers told me. "Be around the right people, people whose behavior is better than yours and you will drift towards the right direction."

He also told me to not be afraid to ask.

"If you know a winner, like Ronda Rousey, and she needs someone to mow her lawn, get over there and ask to do it." Although I only got to speak with Landers for a few minutes, he is a kind and wonderful man. His last advice that he told me is, "Being around a winner will rub off on you." His words of wisdom are not something to take for granted. I am thankful I got to meet him and talk to him today.

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Unknown said...

Incredible inspiration of the kids and such great idea to meet w those who have wisdom to give.

dawnymarieeeee said...

It is said one can count the number of "true Friends" in this life on their left hand - Michael is truly one of my lifetime dear Friend - We first met in Las Vegas in 1990 - after departing Las Vegas in 2000 when I married and moved and had my Son we have kept in contact. Michael is indeed gracious, intelligent, patient, kind, honest and charismatic - a Man with true integrity and one I am fortunate to have as a loyal Friend. Knowing Michael has definitely helped me become a better person.

Anonymous said...

Great advice! The kids are sooo fortunate to have gotten this opportunity of this trip. When i was younger living in the ghetto- i wished there was something special to be part of. Now im in my 20's wishing for something great that could have happened. They'll look back and be so grateful and i think its cool the work you do for our community! You're a bad ass mom and human being! Keep impacting peoples lives.