Sunday, January 11, 2009

More on the Russian Roll

We discussed at practice today whether it is better to do this with your bottom hand in front of the person's arm (under his/her chin) or whether it is better to have your hand under the person's arm, like when you do the Glas Glahn. We tried it both ways. Tony and I both agreed that we like it better with your hand under the other person's arm. Although it is not as good of a choke, it gives you better control of his or her body. Since our main purpose here is to do a turnover into a pin, that seemed best to us. However, people who preferred chokes like the one with their hand under the chin better. Try it both ways. See which you like. I strongly believe that people need to develop their own judo. I am always skeptical of those coaches who claim to have "the answer". If you look closely at the record of those coaches almost never have their athletes been as successful as they could have been.

Sometimes, a coach who "knows it all" can hold you back once you have developed to the point you are able to figure out things for yourself but are discouraged from doing so.

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