Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Son, I do think you'd be more likely to turn her if you under-hooked that left arm of hers with your right and got up on your knees so you'd be in a stronger position to turn her.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss.


Anonymous said...

I agree on getting up to your knees, but I'd shoot the half nelson and use that to get her on her back. I base this mostly on spending hours on end getting put on my back. That's how my partners would do it to me.

R.H. Russell said...

Agreed. It sounds like you were describing a half nelson, and since the kids don't look old enough to choke, that would be his best bet—except I'd suggest he get off his knees so he can push with his feet as he runs the half.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

The reason I said to do the underhook is that, if you look at the picture, he ALMOST has it.

Also, it looks like he almost has the opposite arm, too.

If you can underhook run arm while you pull the other toward you, you can turn your opponent on to her back and then you have her in a modified kesa gatame.

If she turns into you, you can switch it to kami shiho which is a hell of a pin to get out of.

Chris Torres said...

Being that this is not wrestling, the underhook is the best choice. The kid is at least three steps behind. Hip switch to knees, under hook(and trap other arm to keep from posting), pull forward off his base to complete the turn.
Hope your doing good coach !

R.H. Russell said...

It looks like he could also trap her left arm under his armpit the way he has it right now, push her right arm in (underneath her), and roll to his left and over, on top of her, into tate-shiho-gatame.

So many possibilities . . . so much fun.

Jorge Almeida said...

I think he is almost being pinned down. She just needs to pass her head over his chest to have him pinned. If I would be him, I would try switching my legs to have my hips facing the floor to start, then jump around her left arm for a juji-gatame directly on her arm transitioning to the regular juji-gatame if she would try to roll forward or try to stand.
He is really in a bad positioning.