Saturday, June 27, 2015

My bullshit per day ratio has been exceeded

This past week, I have heard more lies and supreme hypocrisy than any time in my life. My bullshit per day ratio has set a personal record.

I don't even know where to begin. There are those people who try to rewrite history,

"Oh, it really wasn't that bad. We got along okay."

This happens particularly if you are successful. A good friend of mine told me that since he has done well, there are lots of people coming up to him saying,

"You remember the good old days when we all did judo?"

and his response is,

"You mean back when I was young and you were a complete dick to me? Yeah, I remember it."

(You can tell there is a reason he is a good friend.)

Related to that are the people who want to forget history.

"Let's not get all up in who lied, cheated, stole or stabbed who in the eye. Aren't we big enough people to overlook it?"

Notice that it's always the lying, cheating, stealing, stabber who says that and never the stabbed.

The answer, as a lovely person said tonight is,

"Gee, I would have come over there and pissed on you when you were on fire, but I was running late to a meeting."

Along the lines of people who want to pretend they aren't a waste of oxygen are those who see their "friends" being treated badly and don't say a word or lift a finger. I brought this up to someone today who said, very self-righteously,

"Well, I try never to get involved in politics."

I said,

"Oh no, you're not getting out of this with me. This wasn't a discussion of the fucking federal trade deficit. This was someone being abused and you didn't do a thing!"

As an old friend was fond of saying,

"Denial isn't just a river in Egypt, honey."

I'm not going to ask the people who are lying, cowardly assholes to own it and just admit that they are taking advantage of people or pretending to be a friend. I'm pretty certain that people like that are trying to convince themselves that they are worth the $3,000 they charged you to take your cat to the vet, "Because it could have died if it didn't get its shots and I know you love that cat. "

The best comment I heard recently, about someone whose relative had abused his trust,

"Just because we don't say anything doesn't mean we don't know."

Sometimes, if you think you are getting away with something, it is only because they are waiting for the right time to bring the hammer down.

I have always truly believed that people get what they deserve in the end. That should make some of you feel comforted and others very afraid.


Anonymous said...

Is any of this being directed towards Jason Morris's response to the book?

LsP said...

You need a hug and a long nap. And when you wake up, chamomile tea. Those types of people will always exist. The world without them would be far too rosy and lack the challenge we all need to grow. Don't sweat it.

Anonymous said...

People who act like everything is okay, so they can mooch off your success are very disturbing. If I had to choose between a conversation with a liar, or a 3 and a half hour flight next to Snorey Bob. Snorey Bob hands down.

Unknown said...

Keep up the great posts, keeps me coming back for more 😀