Monday, July 6, 2015

How Almost Punching My Friend Kim Leads to a Podcast

Last week, I went to lunch with a couple of friends. One of them, who will remain nameless except that her name is Kim, was being recruited by the other for a very good job. So, Kim says,

I don't know if I could do that. It involves managing people and a certain level of technical skill.

Which was the point when I said,

Don't make me punch you.

This is the point when, if she had been my child instead of a friend, I would have punched her for saying something so self-deprecating. Now you know why all of my children have such high self-esteem. It is self defense.

Seriously, Kim has amazing managerial skills and her technical expertise is of such level that if the company gets her for that job the hiring manager should go to mass, light candles to give thanks and just to be on the safe side in case God really isn't Catholic (as if!), sacrifice a live chicken on the way home.

So, when Ronda suggested (repeatedly) that I should do a video blog or a podcast, I was not going to do that 'woman thing', with the giggling and the, "Oh, no, not little old me, I couldn't do that." Because that behavior makes me want to punch people so much that I'd end up punching myself in the face and if I start up with the self-injurious behavior at my age, it's likely the family will put it down as early senility and my next post will be written from the Daisy Hill Home for Old Farts.

Therefore, I have decided to take the following two steps to my eventual podcast:
  1. Buy a microphone that is not part of a $30 headset I bought at Best Buy. I have about six of those headsets because I always forget to bring one when I leave town.
  2. Make a list of blog posts from the past 7 years that can be used for topics on the podcast. I have written this blog for 7 years, a blog on statistics, business and random rambling for 7 years and a blog on startups and gaming for 2 years. That's 16 years worth of blogs, for those of you who are not good at math (and do we have a game for you!)
You might think it would be easy - just grab 100 of those blog posts, turn it into a podcast, and done! Yeah, Roy Hash said that to Jim Pedro, Sr. & I when he suggested writing a book. It took us two years to finish Winning on the Ground and Roy is still hiding from us in Texas. 

Actually, I lied. I'm going to have Maria buy the microphone. That is what we in business call "management", so, now I only have one step left, which is to select the blog topics. If this takes me as long as the book, Ronda better hope Roy has a spare bedroom in his house in Texas.

---------- Want to be smarter?
Of course you do !

Try Fish Lake - spear fish, search in the woods and remember all about fractions, because maturity is over-rated

I wrote a book, too.
It's called Winning on the Ground. About winning. On the ground.


Jaime said...

If you're taking suggestions, I suggest the first podcast topic should be on women who insult other women for no reason whatsoever.

Gabrielle said...

If you are going to do a podcast I would love to listen to it. After reading Ronda's book I realized that you are an amazing person who I would love to learn more about. Someone needs to give you a book deal, you have a lot of wisdom to share. Here is a topic for one segment of your podcast, I would like to hear your take on a woman returning to martial arts at age 45. Stupid or inspired?

Aira Bongco said...

@Jaime Ohh I really want to punch them or just say that I want to punch them haha!