Sunday, July 5, 2015

Podcast, Video Blog & Other Stuff I Know Nothing About

Now that my children are (mostly) grown, I don't tell them what to do. On occasion, I give them advice and they can take it or leave it. I tell them once, because I'm not talking for exercise for my mouth.

If it is something I am absolutely convinced I'm right about though,  I will bring it up again. And again.

Much less often do they give advice to me, so when Ronda suggested for the fourth or fifth time that I should do a video blog or a podcast, instead of dismissing her idea with "I did a couple of youtube videos on our last trip to North Dakota and it took too much time that I don't have", we actually discussed it.

Her thought was it would bring more attention to 7 Generation Games.

 My thought on podcasts was:
  • Most I have heard are so bad that I would rather suck sweaty donkey balls than have to ever listen to them again.
  • Those that don't suck seem to come in two categories
  1. Podcasts by comedians - and I'm not that funny.
  2. Podcasts on eclectic, interesting topics
 Okay, I can do eclectic, interesting. I write this blog that rambles from judo to parenting to business. Another blog that is mostly on statistics and programming and occasionally on how not to get your sorry ass fired. I write a third blog on gaming, business, and the business of gaming.

What would I podcast about? Is podcast even a verb?

What I know I would NOT do is a 'business podcast that sucks' - but that is redundant, because as far as I can tell, all business podcasts suck. Seriously, you may have a couple of good ideas on marketing but after the 14th episode you are reduced to talking for an hour to Joe Scum who wrote the book on Search Engine Optimization and your audience of 3 people who somehow have their phone stuck on your podcast are looking around for some sweaty donkey balls to suck to take their minds off of it.

I am actually taking this suggestion seriously and will be taking steps to make it happen. For an explanation of those exact steps and how they relate to not punching my friend, Kim, you will have to wait until tomorrow (if tomorrow is defined as 'when I get around to it').


Anonymous said...

I'd listen to a podcast of you just rambling about whatever happened in your life lately and what you took from it. You know, like you usually do on your blogs.

I follow your twitter and I don't even have a twitter account, I just type the url and read whatever you posted because I always learn something from it. Although, to be honest, I prefer reading than listening, but it would be definitely interesting.

John Meaney said...

And as a spin-off, you have a new product line you can launch: spherical hardboiled sweets, aka Sweaty Donkey Balls TM. Good luck with sourcing the ingredients. :)

your coffee house said...

If you want a good podcast{and I hope you do one} just be yourself. and you will have a great one.