Sunday, February 28, 2016

Random facts about me you may not know

It's a Sunday afternoon, so I thought I would come out with a completely random post.

Feel free to add your own random facts about yourself in the comments.

I started a youtube playlist, 5 Minutes of Free Advice

When I have time, I add another video. There are 20 on there now. Topics are welcome. Julia suggested the topic "Advice to Julia's Future Kids" which is one of the more viewed ones.

I am being inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday. My lovely youngest daughter, Julia, and I are flying to Columbus, Ohio for the event.

I do a blog on statistics, business and programming. This week, I am doing a whole series ranting on how sick I am of that bullshit about consumers, employers and investors cannot find women and minorities in technology to support.

I also write a company blog for 7 Generation Games, mostly on startup life and with a Throwback Thursday post every week on what I was thinking about 2, 3 or sometimes 8 years ago. Maria had asked that I not swear on that one so it is updated less frequently.

In my spare time, of which I have none, I teach online courses for National University, which is a non-profit university started by a retired admiral.  Once a year, I teach biostatistics, epidemiology or advanced quantitative data analysis.

I'm teaching a course on factor analysis in April in Las Vegas at the SAS Global Forum. Then leaving immediately from there to fly all night to speak at the North Dakota STEM conference.

I'll be doing a judo clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma in May. I almost never do clinics but I have known Dr. Martin Bregman since I was in junior high school, so I'm going to Oklahoma.

I make games you can download and play on your desktop. They're only $9.99 each and they WILL make you smarter. I'd write about how I know that to be true but I have to get back to making games.


Elizabeth said...

Thumbs up for random post! I was one of the people who said they love the random/advice/non-judo posts.. so liked reading this!

Unknown said...

As far as "Advice to Julia's Future Kids" you could ask for future names for her kids.

For example: my little brother`s kid`s (therefore my niece) name is Samaëll. His name is Joël, so maybe you are telling yourself that there is a correlation in between the 2 names as far as the way they end.

They don't.

Like me, my brother listen to trash, death and all sorts of metal music.

It happens that Samaël is the name of the angel.

I know, very lovely.

We tried to make him change his mind to no avail.

I don't say to name every baby girl Maria Jr (have a little imagination), but the name of the angel of death is a stretch.

So what about a video about names?

Mine is David and I never met anybody called Golliath.

Have a nice day!

Rebecca said...

I liked your advice to Julia's future kids. My daughter, who's twelve, watched with me and when I asked her what she thought she said, "Julia's got really pretty hair...and I promise I won't have sex." So, that's pretty good! Slightly more relevant and useful than the advice my grandma gave me, which was to always carry a hanky and learn to play tennis for my social life!

Unknown said...

Samaël is the name of the angel of death.

I don't know why it was missing from the original posting.