Sunday, March 6, 2016

Help a sister out - tell people about our games

One of the reasons that it's difficult to find time to blog is that I run a company that makes video games. It is a really, really worthwhile use of my time.

Kids who play the games improve their math skills significantly. We have new games coming out that teach English, too.

It's not just kids. I've noticed that since I've been playing the games (for, ahem, quality testing) I'm a lot quicker and more accurate at doing multiplication and division, and I have a lot more of the basic math formula on the tip of my tongue.

So, it's a really good thing and I'm committed to making more games and getting more of our existing games into homes, schools and libraries.

So ... every time I am writing a blog or attending a Hall of Fame dinner or teaching judo, our investors are like ,

Um, hey, how about those games you're supposed to be making and marketing?

If you read this blog, which obviously you do, because you are at the end of this post, help a sister out.

Buy a game. Donate a game to a school.

See how easy that was?

If you don't have any friends or relatives that have children, say, you are a monk, for example,  then you could just retweet the link on twitter, post it on Facebook or write it on the wall in the chapel where you made your vow of silence.



Maty Judo said...

It's true, that games can improve refleks etc.

But with "today games" we have problems about aggression.

I like myself shooting games.
This games, wargames not so bad...

But many games are way to much agrresive.
And in reallity very young kids are use this computer programs.

Jack said...

The game can be good, but if you see for example or you wach than generaly people demand other tips of games.
But you do good post