Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Family texts

Do you ever have those ideas that you talk about forever but never seem to do anything about? Well, one of those I have had was making a book of our family group text. I am admittedly biased, but I think my family is hilarious.

Witness most recent post from me:

Emilia and Joy's grandson were playing in the pool.
Him: Ha ha, you can't shoot me because I am invisible.
Emilia: Actually, you're not.
(Shoots him with water pistol.)
Ronda: Yay! Our side of the family wins!

She only looks sweet and innocent
Here are some random ones over the last few years


Maria: We got a new puppy! We named him Edison. (picture of puppy)

Jennifer: Oh my God, that is the cutest dog, ever!

Ronda: (picture of Ronda’s dog, Mochi). Mochi says “Fuck you, Jennifer!”

Ronda: I miss home.
Me: We miss you, too. If you're gone much longer, I'm going to have Julia just start going around the house and randomly losing shit.

Text from Jenn: I went running three days in a row.
Text from me: Who are you and why do you have my daughter's phone?

Text from Julia: Mom, what time do you wanna come get me from Jourdan's house?
Text from Me:  I'm in Florida
Text from Julia: Um, yeah, well maybe I'll call Dad then.


I obviously did not put the best ones here because then why would you buy the book?
I am sure this book is going to be a best seller based on the fact that my family is "hilarifying" as Eva puts it.

So ... we were all at dinner tonight discussing it and Ronda and Maria thought we should actually have it illustrated with a combination of artwork by Eva (see her artwork and more texts in the video here) , Ronda, who is a very good artist, and maybe see if we can include some photos from the amazing Hans Gutknecht .

We are seriously thinking of doing this as a Kickstarter, with an ebook for $5 because we're all good with technology and a print book, for, I don't know, more than $5 .

It was suggested to me at dinner that perhaps this should be my part of raising money for the company to expedite software development and bolster our marketing efforts while someone less inclined to tell people who irritate me to fuck themselves should be in charge of meeting with potential investors.

FYI - the fucks will not be redacted from these texts, because, as Maria pointed out, it's not as if no one has ever heard us talk.

If we decide to do this then I have to do a sample "chapter" or so  with photos and do a whole Kickstarter campaign. That sounds like work so I'm wondering if there is enough interest. I kind of think I should do it just because we've been talking about it for years.

Tell me, what do you all think?


April Shamilian said...

Sounds awesome you should do it! Love listening to your 5 minutes of free advice. I know your extremely busy but just to let you know it's nice to listen to them every once in awhile. My favorite one was about envy I feel like as a society were so obsessed with having stuff that we don't know what it means to be happy anymore.

Unknown said...

OMG! Your family is hilarious! I would buy it- no question.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It would be a great idea to combine it with a kickstarter for your company! I for one would donate!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great Doc. The examples you gave were really funny.
May be you should write this book.

Katie said...

Haha, I would definitely pay $5 for that. You all seem like funny folk.

Vincent said...

I'd by it.

Anonymous said...

For sure!!!!! your family is goals hahah i wish my family was like this hahah

Eden said...

YES!!! I would TOTALLY pay $5 for that (I'd honestly pay up to $30 for it because it would undeniably be my new favorite book, so $5 is a fucking steal)!

Anonymous said...

Well...there's enough pledges for coffee til noon! IDK??

Cuivre said...

That would be great. You could have a chapter just from the comments section of this blog!

Unknown said...

yall need a show instead of the stupid kardashians, more people would watch it, call it "get'n Rowdy with Rouseys family"

Jacob said...

This book should definitely happen! I really enjoyed the "Text With Daughters" vlog that showed you explaining how each of you would help out if you all happened to be in an apocalypse. In general, I like to hear people have discussions about those scenarios that make you think to yourself, "What would I do?" "Why?". Most importantly, I think this book would do very well because people, including myself, enjoy reading or listening to the daily conversations of other people. I think we have all been tempted at some point in time to take a glance at someone's latest text message or eavesdrop at a restaurant, or maybe that's just me. Anyways, not only will this book contain text messages, but it will have the awesome "hilarifying" sense of humor of your family. If the book's content is funny, has interesting topics and helps the reader build a better understanding of each character—then this book is Gold! Hopefully my thoughts are helpful!