Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm Visiting Tulsa and Giving out Armbars for Mothers Day

If your mom would like arm bars for an early Mother's Day present, tell her to come to Tulsa. Continuing in my slacker tradition of letting other people do my blog posts for me, here is the information on a clinic I will be doing on May 7th at the Tulsa Judo Club.

I almost NEVER do clinics. In fact, the criteria these days is pretty much that I have known you since I was 12 years old or the answer is, "No", because I am super busy getting out Forgotten Trail, doing a site visit in North Dakota, presenting result on how effective our games are in teaching math all around the country , hence the blog slacking.

It just turns out, though, that I HAVE known Martin Bregman since I was 12, so off to Tulsa I go. You can read all about it below.

If the print is too tiny or you use a screen reader for people with visual impairments (I'm looking at YOU, Tina), the link to a readable pdf is here.

Speaking of Forgotten Trail - it is on sale for a mere $5. 

 Buy it now! Be more than ordinary !


em990 said...

Thank you for doing this! My friend, Carmen, and I are driving from Kansas to learn from you. I can't fully explain how excited we are for this opportunity. See you next Saturday. I'll be the one in the gi. Haha

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Cool! Looking forward to meeting you.