Thursday, May 12, 2016

More than Ordinary

What's your podcast about?

That's a question we've gotten from everyone from family members to friends in the entertainment industry since Maria and I have been locked into my office for the past week recording our first nine episodes.

It's about self-improvement without all of the new age-y bullshit.

The podcast is about being more than ordinary in parenting, education, sports, careers and life in general.

We start out talking about our personal lives so that you know a little bit more about why we might have some insight into being more than ordinary.

As Maria commented in the first podcast, people often think they know us or our family because they read something on the Internet, followed us on twitter, or read a blog post or two.


There are a lot of our history and thoughts we keep to ourselves, but, since we think that it is reasonable for someone to ask,

What makes YOU qualified to talk about success, overcoming adversity, standing up for yourself, fighting stereotypes, setting goals, perseverance or any of these other topics? Why should I spend 15 minutes of my time listening to you guys? What experience do you bring to the table that I haven't heard a thousand times?

We'll answer that and a lot more - don't worry, we're not going to get all reality TV show over-sharing on you. I think you may find though, that, as the drunk girls always say, "You don't know me. "

(And no, I'm not drunk as I write this. That picture was from yesterday. I have not been drinking non-stop since then. Honest. )

Maria and I are big believers in taking risks, in giving up what you want now for what you want most. We're also realists.

It sounds great to say,

Follow your bliss! 

You know what else sounds great to say? "My bills are paid."

Also, "My house is clean." And, "Sure, we have enough money to go on vacation in Italy."

 So ... that's another podcast topic, things that sound good to say but don't go far enough.

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Another way to be more than ordinary - buy our games!

Have fun while learning social studies, math and increasing your vocabulary. If you're already amazing, share some of your mound of riches by donating a game to a child or school.

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