Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Easy Is It to Teach Judo? A non-random, non-controlled study

This week's Sneakerdoodle Zebra Judo is assisted by our neighbor who took my preschool judo class for six months as a four-year-old and has not been back in six years.

Julia decided to use her as a guinea pig since one of the actual guinea pigs is enormously fat, the two fifth-grade guinea pigs we had been watching over the summer went back to school this week, and all guinea pigs have very short legs and difficulty balancing on one leg without falling over, making o soto gari a poor choice of throw for them. (Hey, I wonder if I am part guinea pig?)

Question: What throws would work well for a guinea pig? I can't think of any really, except maybe ankle picks, since they are close to your ankles already. They would have to concentrate on matwork to be good at judo.

That settles it. I am DEFINITELY part guinea pig.


Anonymous said...

Much like Beijing, I am thinking.."I can take the GPig"

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Beijing is the cat. Kenny is the cockatiel. I disagree with you. I think Edward the guinea pig is looking at Kenny and thinking, "I can kick your feathery @$$"

That guinea pig is a vicious killer deep down - way, way, way deep down.