Sunday, August 2, 2009

More USJA Election Coverage: Endorsements by Rousey (not that one)

In a surprising development, my daughter endorsed ME as USJA President. This was not Ronda, who was not in the house at the time. Later, we will have her endorsements.

The first endorsement is from Jennifer Rousey,whose endorsement is valid because:

1. She is one of two older sisters of Ronda Rousey, so she has actually watched judo.
2. She is a graduate student at USC, meaning she must be smart.
3. She is very good-looking (come on, that is why we have celebrities endorse candidates - like do you really believe that George Clooney or Gwyneth Paltrow knows jack about fiscal policy? So why do you care who they want for president? Because they're good-looking, duh! )
4. She actually met Jim Pedro, Sr. and thought his mustache was cool. Plus, she likes that he treats her little sister well.

The second endorsement comes from a judo player in cape, Definitely Not Julia. From Utah Judo, which is somewhere close to Japan, I believe.

=== > Also a shout-out to Erin Butts for winning the Junior U.S. Open. Erin, you are definitely bad-@$$ for a midget.

For those of you who have asked - the ballots for the USJA Election will be mailed to clubs soon as well as a link to download the form posted on the USJA website. I will post the link here when it becomes available, which should happen within the week.

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