Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest post from Jim Pedro, Sr.: You can always find an excuse

I'm trying to get another chapter on the book done before I leave town on Sunday, so these next few posts are going to be guest posts from Jim Pedro, Sr. that he gave me last month (hey, I've been busy!)

 (Thanks to Sevak from Hayastan Martial Arts for 
being kind enough to pose for the picture below. 
Despite appearances, he is indeed wearing pants)

Most of our athletes are part-time athletes. That’s one of the biggest problems with coaching these athletes. They have school, work, marriage, kids and other commitments. It’s hard for them to achieve their goals but it's not impossible. First of all, they have to want to structure their workouts. For instance, before one of their commitments, they have to get up early and do their running in the morning, if possible. If they can’t run in the morning, they can always run in the afternoon on their lunch break. Or they can do their weightlifting and conditioning on their lunch hour.

There is always a way to train if you want it. Where they are usually part-time athletes most of their sports are done at night. It’s a lot easier to construct your workouts to do your running and lifting in the morning so you can do your specific sport at night and put your energy into that.

If you miss your run in the morning, you can always run before you go to bed, or you can ride a bike or run to and from work. There’s always an excuse why you can’t work out or why you can’t do things. If you’re committed and disciplined and want to win, you will find a way.

If not, you’ll always have an excuse.


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