Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Anyone Who Thinks Ronda Doesn't Deserve a Title Fight is a Complete Moron

This might just fall under the heading of  'my mom thinks I'm cool' but in this case, mom is a world champion and not amused.

I've read a few of these blogs and comments written by people who have never met Ronda, never done judo at an international level and never seen Ronda train. It's too bad that they don't have a Stupid Olympics or a Whiny White Girl Olympics because I think we could have some real contenders.

In the points below, I am just going to use Whiny Girl because it is shorter than Whiny Girl 3, Whiny Girl 2, Random Guy Using the Internet from His Mother's Basement and Ex-Boyfriend Ronda Dumped. Don't feel left out. It's like when we use 'mankind' to mean humanity. You are all included.

Here are my opinions on YOUR opinions on Ronda's world title fight coming up.

Stupid idea #1: Ronda has only had four fights and Whiny Girl has had 9 or 12 or 17 and trained for four years. Guess what? Ronda has had hundreds of fights. She's had fights where people tried to throw her to the ground, choke her unconscious and break her arm. These were with women who had a decade or more of experience at trying to throw people down, choke them and break their arms.

Stupid idea #2: Whiny Girl says Ronda shouldn't fight because, "We don't know how good she is. She has won her fights so fast." That's so stupid it's really hard for me to respond other than wondering if you even listen to the words that come out of your mouth. Are you saying that you don't know how good she is because she has been so much better than the people she fought? I will tell you then. Very fucking good. There, now you know.

Stupid idea #3: Whiny Girl says we don't know if Ronda can do anything but an arm bar because she has won every match with an arm bar. I'll tell you how to find out - stop her from arm barring you and see what happens. If you can't stop her, I guess you'll never know.

Stupid idea # 4: Everyone has a game plan until they get hit in the face. This is actually very true and accurate. The stupid part is the presumption that Ronda has never been hit in the face. In fact, Ronda has been hit a time or two in her other MMA fights. She's been hit hard in a few other situations (not by me, I don't believe in parents hitting their children).

Stupid idea #5: We don't know how tough she is. I will tell you then. Ronda has fought (and won) matches in a major international tournament with her elbow dislocated. She popped it back in and kept fighting. When she was in high school, she broke a few bones in her foot, taped it up, entered a competition anyway and won six out of seven matches and the tournament.

One thing people who promulgate these stupid ideas fail to realize is that there is a world of difference between the level of the average judo player and someone who is winning medals in world competition, not just once on a fluke but over and over. Ronda won a bronze medal in the Olympics, four gold medals in world cups, a silver medal in the world championships and gold at the Panamerican Games. To have someone who has fought a dozen or two dozen matches, all within a cross-country flight from home question whether Ronda "deserves" to fight them - well, as I said, it's too bad they don't have a Whiny White Girl Olympics.


PiP (I'm in my mom's attic) said...

The only reasonable complaint I could think of is that she has no fights at 135lbs (MMA fights I mean). Personally I don't think it will matter, Ronda has amazing skill and clearly a ton of experience competing at the highest levels. But if a fighter on the male side of MMA were to go down a weight class and immediately fight for a title I'd be a little surprised.

With Cyborg out at 145 now, it would almost make more sense to have her fight for the vacant title at the weight class she has dominated this past year. But, whatever. The fight with Miesha is set and once Ronda is the champion, any arguments about her not deserving the title shot go out the window.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

If you are in your mom's attic then at least you have moved up in the world, in the location sense, anyway

Rhadi Ferguson said...

That's NOT EVEN A REASONABLE COMPLAINT BECAUSE THE 145LB DIVISION IF FUCKING CLOSED!!! (Usually wouldn't use the F word but it's fair game on this thread because of Doc's post) LOL

Enosis said...

Rhoda's performance on the MMA marketing side of things has been almost as impressive as her performance in the cage. She is doing all the right things...She is always on the internet in one form or another, she is outspoken, and she knows how to use her attractiveness. After watching Rhoda for year in Judo, I am not surprised at her success performing MMA..I never would have guessed she would embrace the marketing side of things as much as she has...BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

"Everyone has a plan..."
Yeah, yeah. Opinions and rear-ends.
Everyone sure has a mouth out there, too.
Not sure from which end these reason-deficients spew forth but I suppose it doesn't matter.
They're'll be kicking and closing done.
What configuration of Closing/Kicking/Mouth/Rear we'll witness will be at Ronda's discretion. Maybe we'll see a little of all combinations for public humiliation's sake. I'm heading to OH 3/3 and will have my popcorn ready.
"Ronda...by anything she wants."

BJJ Judo said...

All of these people making all of their ridiculous arguments against Ronda seem to be forgetting that MMA is an entertainment business. Fans want to see Ronda fight and they are willing to pay for it. Ultimately that is all that matters. Yes she is highly skilled, yes she has a strong track record and yes she is in great shape. Guess what, none of that matters if people dont want to see her fight. The haters need to take a few pages out of her book and do the things they need to do to make people want to see them fight.

Jack Bratcher said...

PiP -- oh u mean how like Keith Jardine just moved down for his middleweight debut and FOUGHT FOR A TITLE against Luke Rockhold this past weekend in a ZUFFA event, the measuring rod of all MMA organizations and the very company Ronda fights for?

robthornton72 said...

The only important thing about the wannabes are that they recognize her name and realize she's out there. Half the whiners out there never set foot on a mat before and the other half are too stupid to realize that, yes, Judo is applicable to MMA.

I'm not an MMA watcher - I've caught a few matches here and there. From a promotion standpoint, I see the only problem with Ronda being that shes winning her matches SO DAMN FAST that she's not stretching people's interest out far enough. People, or at least me, want to see more than a quick match. But I could be wrong on that.

It could be a lot worse. She could just be a slugger and hit them and nothing else. Too many MMA matches just look like a Toughman fight.

Anonymous said...

She doesent have the Experience to fight at that level, she only has 2.3 minutes as a pro fighting on the mat.

That makes as much since as any other reason.

Blink and its over when she fighting.

Go Ronda

PiP in mom's attic said...

Haha, yes Jack, exactly like that! I'm not a big follower of Jardine, so I hadn't really noticed. I'm not so surprised I guess since Jardine is a big name from the UFC so he helps to bring a draw to a "big fight," but I wouldn't have expected it.
Where was I? Oh, Rhadi, the 145 division is closed? I don't know what that means. Did they stop the womens' 145 lb division? If so, WHY?!?
Regardless (or irregardless if you prefer), don't misunderstand me. While I don't think it's the smartest move for Strikeforce in terms of building up WMMA overall, I definitely think Ronda is deserving of a title shot. She hasn't just won all her fights, she has f**king DESTROYED everyone who has stepped in the cage with her, and I fully expect her to take the title. Top 3 fighters I get excited to watch: Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey. To put it bluntly, Ronda is THE SHIT!
I gotta go.

Bossy Boots (Mobile) said...

I always figured people didn't want her to compete for a title because they were stalling for more time to train.

Anonymous said...

They just don't get it. Every Judoka I know giggles when they read the comments about Ronda not being "Match ready". As for the comments of Tate taking Ronda down with her Wrestling backround.. ahahahahahahahahaahahaha I almost wet my pants.

Ronda hasn't gotten punched in the face, but not for lack of the other girls trying? Should she stand there for 4 minutes and take as many punches as she can in the face? The girl is 7-0 in a ring... if 7 people tried their hardest and couldn't land any punches, why is the answer to blame Ronda? Lets not forget the MEN that would get frustrated with Ronda in training and throw her face first off of the Judo mats and onto concrete floors. Guess how many practices that happened to her in... annnd guess how many of those practices she left because of it... 0

I predict in 1 years time the talk will have turned into "Ronda...greatest female fighter of all time"

OH-- and about that pesky making 135 thing... SHE WENT TO THE OLYMPICS AT 138 PEOPLE! She also won a World title at 138. I believe she also made a world team at 125 but declined to go.

Stephen said...

I watched the grip fighting in the Olympics, can't say people weren't getting hit in the face ;)

Fightlinker said...

"It's too bad that they don't have a Stupid Olympics or a Whiny White Girl Olympics because I think we could have some real contenders."

^ possibly the bestest thing I've ever read

ahhndres said...

There's no need to worry we all know what's going to go down march 3 8-0 in the ring.

Sylver said...

Wow, it's not often I come one a blog post and tell myself "this is exactly what I am thinking", but this time it is. Thanks for writing that.

Lorenzo Ostano said...


Anonymous said...

Rhonda talks too much trash and people are growing (or have grown) tired of it.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Well, anonymous (or should I just call you Miesha), as my old judo coach used to say, "It's not bragging if you can back it up."

Scott "DAWGMAN" Turner said...

I am very confident that Ronda will be strapping a belt around her waist March 3rd! I was always a here and there watcher of MMA. After watching Ronda fight it converted me into a huge fan of hers. The tickets have been purchased for March 3rd, and the MMA has a new paying fan. Everything seems to be working out as people wanted! New paying fans, Ronda gets her title shot, and Tate gets to hand over the title and I get to see it in person!! BRING THE PAIN RONDA!! The belt is yours for the taking! Can't wait to see her smile as she claims her belt!!

Anonymous said...

it very much is still trash talking.
Who cares if you can back it up?
Gracious people, which your daughter is NOT, have a confidence that doesn't need to be bolstered with endless ranting.

She has a bad attitude. Independent of her ability to fight, she has a bad attitude. Maybe that ability to fight further encourages that attitude.

She has the attitude towards mma and fighting in general that just make me cringe. Poorly adapted people with a tool that they don't understand and, to a large extent, can't handle.

Mike said...

Only point I disagree with is the first one. There is a difference between a judo fight and a mma fight. Thats like claiming Brock Lesnar was an experienced fighter because he has had so many wrestling matches or a ju jitsu master is automatically an experienced mma fighter. Having said that women don't have the punching power men do so I believe your daughter will be able to walk through anyones shots and turn every fight into a grappling which. With GUYBORG gone Ronda Rousey = Baddest chick on the Planet. Just my opinion.

anacondachoke said...

Who's that tough female boxer - Anne Wolfe?

I bet she could punch the head off of Rhonda's shoulders.

jimmy said...

Ronda Rousey is awesome and I hope she gets everything that she has worked hard for in her life.

However, I do hope you're not writing this article addressing Miesha Tate in an implicative manner like it seems you are, and throwing dirt at her, as Miesha has put in a lot of work into HER career herself. She's been in some wars, has had to push herself as far as she can, and has already accomplished a lot that should be respected. Miesha has had 14 professional MMA fights, Ronda Rousey has 4, and while I have no problem with Rousey already getting her shot at the 135 lb. title, YOU, out of anyone, should be aware of Miesha's position, and to be completely dismissive in a "fuck you" kind of way is absurd.

The points you argue yourself are completely fair but the way you do it is retarded as fuck, especially for a doctor. Let Ronda speak for herself, she's doing fine.

Anonymous said...

That's how I feel to.
You both are doing some bashing here.
And it's pretty clear you both take unwarranted pot shots at Miesha.

After Rhonda won a fight via armbar she made a disgusting comment along the lines of "maybe I should have just snapped her arm". That's such an ignorant, meat-head thing to say.

Anonymous said...

The boxer is Ann Wolf. And yes, one punch from her would leave Ronda trembling out of fear.

It would change her whole opinion on fighting.

Mark Tripp said...

AnnMaria, first, I supported YOU way back when, and I support you and your daughter now. In fact I am driving down with my Judo team just to watch the championship match.

Hard as it is, just ignore the little chihuahua's yipping at their monitors and trying to sound like big dogs. Its the internet, and flexing for the monitor with an ignorant opinion is the "dollar menu."

Just an example, the "arm snap" comment comes from Ronda going easy on someone and then getting booed over it. The opponent clearly said "tap" then later said "No, I said APP." Clearly she must have been looking for something for her Iphone while her arm was being cranked. If people do not tap or submit, then don't bitch about the broken arm.

Living well is the best revenge. My best to you both....

Mark Tripp (notice my real name, home and back alley location given upon request.....)

M.Minton said...

AnnMaria, thank you for your bold, in-your-face, truthful response to the idiots who think Ronda hasn't earned this shot. I would question how well she can train & stay healthy back down at 63kg, but she's a big girls and knows how to excel at that weight, even with a thicker core and stronger legs she has now. I trained with Ronda in Chicago, and I've never seen a more determined, dedicated athlete in any sport (world-class judo included). She has earned every ounce of her success.

@ all you boneheads who think this Ann Wolf would change anyone's opinion of fighting in MMA, again here you have no logical basis. Sure she's a great boxer. Now, let's look at all the great boxers who have made the transition to dominate (mens of womens) MMA... [insert Jeopardy theme music here]... Answer: none! They all get their asses kicked (literally). They slug it out, but have no idea how to transition to matwork. They all stick their neck and arms out for the split-second it takes a fighter like Ronda to exploit a mistake like that.

and for the record, I like all this bitching, moaning, trash-talking, chest-thumping, and displaying of colorful feathers. It pumps up the media and sells tickets, which ultimately increases the paychecks that Ronda takes home, along with the snazzy belt, and the endless supply of human arms on display over her fireplace.

-mike minton (head coach at Barrington Judo - come train with my athletes anytime you want, but bring your own icebag)

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine Brock Lesnar's mom defending his early title shot? lol :-)

However none of what you say matters, and neither does anything Ronda's detractors say - MMA has no ranking system to determine who should get a title shot, it is all done on the promoter's whim and fancy... and Ronda has played that game to perfection.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Hey Mark Tripp -
(If that is your real name (-: )

Be sure to say HI when we're in Ohio. If you need someone to watch your back in the alley, just holler.

Me Phi Me said...

you guys know full well.... Ann Wolf would scare Ronda out of ever fighting again.
No doubt about it.
You put Ronda in front of Ann Wolf and all you'd be hearing from Ronda is a bunch of "yes ma'am", "certainly ma'am", "please tell me if I'm annoying you, ma'am".

Yeah, let's look at the boxers who fought some MMA:
Butterbean. A joke of a boxer who had some success in mma.

Ray Mercer... old, hepatitis having Ray Mercer. KOd a top ranked heavyweight in Tim Syliva (ohhh, but Sylvia was out of shape.) Yeah, and Mercer was in his prime.

Lavern Clark. A nothing boxer who gave Shonie Carter his first loss within seconds of the opening bell. A loss which lead to Carter saying that he NEEDED to add boxing to his judo background. because that judo background wouldn't cut it.

And of course that arm snap comment was disgusting. Protect your little thugs with their thug like mentality.

Me Phi Me said...

Shonie Carter - Mr. Judo after his fight with boxer Lavern Clark:

"The first time I fought in the cage, I lost my very first fight to Laverne Clark. The very next day I registered with the United States Boxing Association. Ever since then I have been boxing and kickboxing. Different styles sort of cling to me and it's always a challenge."

It just so happened that judo didn't impart the benefits of not getting knocked out by an upper cut when you lean forward.

Joey said...

Clearly Anne Wolfe would destroy Ronda in a boxing match. I cant get the image of Vonda Ward out of mu head. Clearly that doesn't matter if you're not boxing. I keep flip flopping on who im cheering for in Ohio. As of recently im pulling for Miesha because I ran into her at the Blue Jackets game, but I respect the hell out of Ronda and will probably switch sides a few more times. I think Mieshas only chance is GnP and I dont see that happening but who knows? That's why they fight! I'll be there and im stoked to see both of them. I like both of their attitudes and completely agree with the notion of snapping that girls arm. Also, I donated 6000 grains of rice, should make a nice curry. At least her attention getting antics are doing good. Miesha just has a lot of people tweeting pictures of their dogs.

Me Phi Me said...

"Clearly that doesn't matter if you're not boxing"?

Sure.... because there are no punches thrown in mma. Get outta heeeeerrreeee.

I've seen enough grapplers of all stripes get KOd by strikers.

Boxing, mma or the street.
Ann Wolf has Ronda deciding in a new career choice.

Me Phi Me said...

Joey thinks the appropriate response would be to snap a person's arm?

More proof that this mma/grappling mentality is depraved.

In my experience - girls who act that way had poor or non-existent fathers raising them.

Anonymous said...

seriously correct on it not being the same level or type of fighting, and miesha has flown world wide also to compete so whose whining now? I got the impression she could do her own foul talking, but never hurts i guess to have mommy at your back, she,ll need it, so lame mom.... whiny white girl? what does her color have to do with it? do i sense a racial slur? Defend your cub mom but leave the twists out of it, an quote accurately lol damn

Tom Hinsdale said...

me phi me (shitty band by the way) I think you're a boxer who's too afraid to admit that youd get owned by a beauty like Ronda.
She'd wrap her legs around any of your limbs and snap, snap, snap.

Afraid of a girl who could kill you? Because you should be.

Your little punches would do no good when she has your arm hyperextended and her feet locked right in front of your face. Terrified at seeing a powerful woman dominate you with no weapon just her body. Maybe after she snaps your arm she'd make you lick her feet.

Anonymous said...

Dr. De Mars, I totally concur: Anyone Who Thinks Ronda Doesn't Deserve A Title Fight Is A Complete Moron. It almost seems a point not even worth debating, but I'm glad that you responded to the many Stupid ideas being circulated. I have been a fan of Ronda ever since I first became aware of her - a fan of her skills, intensity and her attitude. I am now a major fan of her mother. Go Rowdy! Leon leonidasjr2001@yahoo.com

Don Keybawls said...

Where are all the Ronda haters now? Probably gitting fitted for a cast...........

Virtual Assistant said...

You should be proud of your mom. But now MMA is famous ground fight maybe that is the start of your mom's career.

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mfr said...

Ronda rousey has made history
Ronda rousey is mma history
No matter what any of these moronic detractors say, ronda rousey will be and is a mma hall of famer as we speak.

And it is because of you, dr. DeMars

The history of ones early life almost invariably defines what is to come

mfr said...

Like edmund said "there will never be another like her" and i am sad for that is so true. Thousands of us who had no idea what mma was 3 years ago now scramble on a daily basis to get our "Ronda fix" Without her the mma world will surely suffer.