Monday, March 12, 2012

Free Rice Prize Winners - Top 10 and Random Drawing

Sorry this is not quicker or fancier but I got in from Boston this afternoon and I had over 650 emails waiting for me for my actual job.

(In case you are interested, which you are probably not, my actual job for which I get actual money is president of a statistical consulting company. You might actually be interested that my second-to-last post had to do with the correct calculation of the probability of Ronda winning last week. )

I think I'm half-way between east coast time and west coast time and it is near 4 a.m. on the east coast, so I'm going to post this and go to bed. Here are the people who were number one through ten as of the weigh-ins

RitchieGreaser 1933890 1
Pablo Weiner 1722955 2
Yariv 1575830 3
FrankMMA 1020000 4
Ryan Ghidina 1018050 5
Rabble_Rouser 600330 6
Mordiaken 521520 7
EverestRice 519890 8
PhilipSellers 514080 9
spleck 438150 10

Some people had asked how it was possible to have so many grains of rice donated. There are two possibilities and I know some people did one and some did the other. One is to do it for an hour or two every day for several weeks. The other (and we did not say you couldn't do this, although, to be truthful, I hadn't considered the possibility) is to have a friend or two help you.

Because we said people couldn't get prizes for being both in the top 10 at 10,000,000 and the top 10 at weigh-ins, we went further down the list for the top at 10,000,000

Rob Nolan
Also Dbautista but I sent her the last of the pink t-shirts so I don't owe her anything.

Hey, Canada person, even though Ronda is fighting a Canadian next you still have to root for Ronda, that's part of the deal. Unless they threaten to deport you, but maybe only then.

Then, I picked five people at random from everyone else who had donated even 10 grains of rice. 

Brandon Abell

Please email me ASAP at  . Ronda has a bunch of rowdy wear swag with her - t-shirts, hats and tank tops that say Ronda Rousey World Champion and other stuff. It would be much better for her to mail it to you than ship it home, and she has a flight back in a few days.

I should make up some story that makes her sound really vicious and intimidating but the truth is that what Ronda did after winning the world title was drive to Boston so she could babysit her niece because her oldest sister just had a new baby. 

After Chuck E Cheese yesterday (hence the crown), they got manicures today.

Also, free rice is still there. The group is still there.  People still need food and you can still donate. And yes, I do expect there will be another contest before the next weigh in. 

After I get some sleep, I'll go back to posting here about judo instead of rice. Actually, my next post is back on animal exercises for judo - The Gecko.


Team Freerice said...

All of Ronda's fans are world-class champions in our eyes!

Thank you so much for all that you've done in the fight against hunger.

Al B Here said...

Although I'm pretty sure you were referring to another Canadian in the posting (since I'm not one of the people you listed as winning swag), I intend to keep supporting Ronda regardless of her opponent. I'm loyal. What can I say? :)

svtjer said...

Unfortunately my stats were reset 2 days before the weigh-in, dropping me out of the top 10 (which i have since made it back in to)... i feel like i've been robbed by the judges (freerice) in a decision!

Dana said...

Don't let it go to the judges

ACERR68 said...

the more I learn about this "Rowdy, Ronda, Rousey" the more impressed and surprised I am...she appears to be woman's MMA v of Tim Tebow with out all the "religious" trappings..