Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Opinion on TUF (Not that you asked me)

Warning up front: This post is not for children.

Not that anyone asked me, but I thought I would give my opinion on The Ultimate Fighter show. I've only watched this show the season Manny Gamburyan was on it because, well, I have an actual job that requires me to go places like North Dakota, where I am at the moment, and do work.

Doing work conflicts with reality shows in general. I've watched about five minutes each of Jersey Shore (I think that's the name) and some show about the Kardashians. Both times, I changed the channel quickly as I felt brain cells beginning to die. I've never watched the O.C. which explains why, when I asked our dentist, Dr. Pratt, how his children were doing he gave me a strange look and said,

"You don't watch TV, do you?"

When I heard about the last-minute switch in coaches for the show Ronda is on, my first thought was,

"That's a pretty dick move."

Not so much replacing Cat, who was injured (ouch!) but keeping it from Ronda until the last minute. If you're going to have an athletic competition, then it should be fair. Among other things, that means you don't give one competitor information that the other doesn't have. You don't let one player know something weeks in advance of the other player.

So, it is pretty clear that whoever is making the decisions here has decided this is not an athletic competition, it's a reality show. That's what a lot of people have been saying all along, it's just going to be a side show and not a serious athletic event.

Here is my advice to Ronda, not that she asked me either, but that has never stopped me before.

You know who gets to decide if this is an athletic competition or a reality show? You. 

My coach used to be amused by other coaches who before the match would be giving lengthy instructions to my competitor - get your right cross grip, then go for the uchi mata, then switch  .... As Jimmy Martin said, why didn't they tell her that in the last six weeks before the match. Every now and then, though, he would get annoyed by all of the posturing. That's when he would pull me close and whisper in my ear his coaching advice.

"Fuck. Her. Up."

So, if I was Ronda, I would train my ass off and I would follow the sage coaching advice of Jimmy Martin. I'd also make damn sure I found out who pulled that dick move on me and never trust him/ them again. The good thing is you get to take out your emotions beating people up and that will make a great show.

You can forgive, but don't forget. If someone will manipulate you just for show, well, that tells you something about them doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think the fact that Meisha is taking Cat's place makes too much of a difference. Nothing to be upset over, at least. Big deal, they left out a minor detail here and there. It doesn't change the fact that Ronda is going to win.

adam said...

I totally agree with you on this. When I saw that Dana White knew about this almost 2 weeks ago and yet told no one that this change was occuring till they saw Miesha today when filming began, I did not like it at all.

I get the whole wanting to play things up for dramatic effect and what not, as doing things this way definitely would achieve, but I find it completely unprofessional.

You don't treat your talent like that, you just don't. They were all expecting Cat to be there, not Miesha. To not inform them of the switch beforehand is just bad business sense and makes you look really really sleazy as a promoter.

It's bad enough that Cat had to pull out and Miesha replaced her, as I don't care for her or her bf anymore with all the crap that's come out about them, and don't see her very deserving of this rematch given she lost to Cat and Sara Mcmann has won a UFC fight while she has not, but how it was handled makes it so much worse to me.

It's like you say, it doesn't exactly encourage trust, if they're gonna yank around those that work for them like this.

Gary Pennington said...

I totally agree with everything you said! It was a dirty move to keep it from her! Seems the ratings are more important than common courtesy. I have no doubt that Ronda will coach her team to win and not perform for ratings and we all know she will be ready for Miesha... again! Miesha certainly didn't earn her shot with two losses. So unfair to the ladies who are actually winning their fights!!

Al B Here said...

From a purely ratings-driven, business standpoint, it makes sense to bring in Tate (though anyone who says the first fight was competitive needs to actually watch the fight again and again), but from a sports/competition standpoint, Miesha has no business getting another title shot until she's actually beaten the other top contenders (or at least one contender). Ronda wrecked her in one round, and she got her face caved in during a title shot eliminator fight.

It was a dick move to hide the switch from Ronda, no question about it. I hope she takes her arm right off this time (Not really, that would be really gross.).

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the entertainment business.

Sylver said...

I am having trouble understanding the outrage here. Isn't the actual fight due in December?

That's over 6 month notice for a fight against someone for whom Ronda already prepared recently.

That's hardly a last minute switch - in fact if I am not mistaken, it's the longest lead time Ronda ever had for a MMA fight.

Miesha was informed a few days in advance, but out of 6+ months, what does it matter?

Besides Miesha has probably been training for Ronda ever since her signing in the UFC. In fact any woman signed for the UFC has probably been training for Ronda since day one, if not earlier.

If anything, I'd be upset about the fact that Miesha Tate has no credibility as an opponent for Ronda. Nobody expected her to win in their first fight (as shown by the betting odds) and now she is coming out of 2 straight losses.

Miesha has got nothing to put on the table apart from her reputation as a b*tch and a push-up bra. Is that really good enough for a title shot? It gives the impression there is no one else in the whole division.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said...and what Adam said about replacing Cat with Miesha. This is purely about ratings, not talent, which is sad for the fighters who are trying establish themselves in MMA as legitimate fighters. The focus on the show will be the fire works between Ronda and Miesha (especially if Miesha brings along her idiot boyfriend), and not the training/talent of the fighters. Sad, really. I'd be pissed if I was one of the fighters on the show. -JC

@fomitopsis said...

I am so glad that Ronda has you looking out for her and that she trusts you and listens to you. I can't imagine all the garbage that swirls around way up in that rarified air at the top, but with a mother as smart and tough as you, she has a pretty massive advantage!!

Anonymous said...

Checking out the comments and I agree. Yeah, no doubt, it was a sleazy move. But what happened has already happened and no amount of complaining is going to change it. I don't know why anyone expected any different. Dana White had Ronda do TUF because she was marketable. Naturally, he'd want to milk it for all its worth. Yes, it's a dick move, but this is an entertainment business. People who fight professionally, whether on the battlefield or in the cage have always been treated like objects since ancient times. It's nothing new, ask any Vietnam veteran. As someone training to be a fighter with almost a lifetime of street fighting experience rounded off with studies in military science in later years, I expect myself to be nothing but hired muscle that's only given the impression that I'm a human being. I'm not nearly as old as Dr. DeMars and I know not to crank up the good expectations knob on my "dealing with people" meter too high.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

I'm not nearly as old as Dr. De Mars -
way to crank up the charm, anonymous (-;

Anonymous said...

Garbage move, total bullshit.

Unknown said...

At first, I thought you were writing this, with your tongue firmly in the cheek region, Dr? But, no, you're not being mischievous, at all!

On the surface of it, does seem slightly odd; given that Mr White knows very well; how savvy, amenable, and what an asset Ms Rousey would be to such a process of 'selling' this whole package to all and sundry (if she were made privy). With her self-assured business acumen (can't think where she got this trait from?) and great sense of showmanship; one can't help but wonder why, then, he didn't make her fully aware of this plan from it's inception; as there appears to be no one more adroit, or with an aptitude for helping to put together such a two-tier approach - combining both reality and athleticism, successfully - than Ronda Rousey!

Perhaps there'll be a reason for this inequity, something that will become apparent; a 'reveal', a twist, perhaps (as with so many of these transitory, reality shows), something that will spectacularly 'even-out' the proceedings - and appease even this mother's somewhat understandable ire, here, lol.

Sage coaching-advice notwithstanding - lock, stock, and two more smoking arm-bars, coming up, then!


Stonewall Jackson said...

Follow the coach's advice, RJ.


Anonymous said...

Oh boo hoo. The entire reality show and its competitors are "manipulated" (lol) to a far greater degree than Ronda.

When Jon Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen (who knew he'd be replacing his friend Dan Henderson to fight Jon a few weeks before Jon knew of Dan's injury) Ronda commented on the situation saying:

"Mostly, I'd be more bummed with my coach, if I had that situation come up and my coach said anything else other than 'you're the world champion, you could beat anyone, anytime. Go do it', I would think 'why doesn't my coach have any confidence in me?' I don't know what Jon Jones' reasoning is, but I'd have made a different decision."

Yes it's different, mostly in the fact that Jon would have only had 10 days to prepare for this new opponent (who had 2 weeks advantage). Whereas Ronda would have until Dec 28th (when they're reportedly going to fight). That's almost 7 months.

Miesha has 2 weeks extra. Tops. Assuming they informed her the very day Cat got injured. It might not be 'fair' in that they both didn't know at the same time, but is there anyone who really thinks this has put Ronda to any signifanct disadvantage? In a short (10 day) time frame, sure. But when there's 7 months to prepare? Get outta here.

Whoever contributed to the decision to keep it from Ronda should be given a raise. He clearly knows how to do his job. Which is to create good tv, not be Ronda's bff.

Stonewall Jackson said...

Follow the coach's advice, RJ...


johnlichtenstein said...

Too bad about Cat. I bet she is a good trainer. And her style would have posed an interesting challenge for Ronda. I was looking forward to Ronda in the second round of a fight. Meisha is just going to lose again. She needs a less challenging fight just to get her bearings.

To defend Dana. Ronda is a huge draw for the promotion and they want to expose her from as many angles as possible. Tumbling with Uriah Hall, mentoring newbies, training, competing, ... they want to get Ronda on film. So he got this bright idea to film a little surprise. I bet my kid rewinds the DVR a dozen times.

Anonymous said...

The UFC is a media company. They promote fights that make $$ not common sense...and Ronda, no doubt, benefits from that.

The real fight is between Ronda and Sara. I'd love to get your thoughts on Judo vs. Wrestling...

Kris said...

It was probably Dana White who pulled a "dick move" on Ronda. At the end of the day it doesn't matter it's not like they are going to be fighting on the show[only one could hope though :)] So even if Ronda got notified earlier, it would not make a difference because the UFC will give her a sufficient amount of time to prepare for each other when they will meet in the octagon.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a dick move. And we all know they did it to capture a "real" reaction. However, as 99.9% of reality show, well the reality is manufactured and controlled by the television producers.

Ronda can take a good lesson from this. This is business, make as much money as you possibly can and protect yourself as an athlete, brand and person.

Oh, and I can't wait to see Ronda destroy Tate again.

Unknown said...

Ronda is going to rip Meisha's arm off and beat Caraway to death with it!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me, the way this this was done was a risky move by White. Ronda's smart, and stubborn, if she gets the idea she's being played, she'll say f-you and take her talents elsewhere, as she did when she decided the Olympic system was screwed up. Franchise athlete leaves, Women's UFC collapses. Hires her own agent, or maybe she doesn't even need an agent, and sets up a fight with Cyborg and all the money herself. Wins by armbar, moves on to Hollywood action films.

Anonymous said...

The impression you are getting is correct. There is no one else. If there was another contender for the title then it would a hundred percent go to that person. I was looking forward to cat zingano vs rousey too

Anonymous said...

This if officially one of my new favorite blogs. Thanks for sharing and I 100% agree with your assessment. I love MMA, but the one thing that has always bothered me is how spectacle is often highlighted more than sport.

Jim R. said...

Hey Ann Marie, how do you "F-- her up" when she knocks you out cold before you're lame Judo does anything? I beat the snot out of a Judoka red belt last week in a tournament. 2 years of NCAA D1 wrestling wrecks any Judo fool.

Oh and didn't Ronda get her butt handed to her in the semifinal? Lost on points? Please she got owned.

Logan Lo said...

Having never competed before, I have nothing to contribute to this beyond agreeing with the other commentator who noted that - at least to my lay eyes - Rousey is more than up to the task already with regards to Tate.

However, your coach's advice to: ****. Her. Up. is awesome.

tracy potts said...

I think the point Dr. De Mars was making isn't about Ronda not having time to prepare for Tate, but rather it was shitty to inform Ronda the way they did. Like she was a reality star and not a fucking professional athlete. It has nothing to do with having time to prepare for Tate and everything to do with treating her like a pawn for ratings. It was a typical dick move by Dana White, and how he acts nowadays. I am surprised it did it to Ronda, as he seemed to genuinely respect her. What he did was the opposite of respectful.

Kevin R. said...

Meisha Tate replacing Cat isn't much of a "Dick Move". Now if Cyborg had replaced Cat, that would have been a "Dick Move". I prefer to look at Meisha over Cat anyway.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Jim R -
A judoka red belt is a ninth degree black belt which is usually someone who is over 70 years of age. I rather doubt that you were fighting an 80-year-old ninth degree black belt .

Stonewall Jackson said...

To Jim R.
Personally, I haven't EVER heard of you and your great achievements in the sports world, nor will I ever. Will you show us your Olympic medal? How about your UFC championship? Or even any top collegiate wrestling awards? Oh, and last two times I heard anything about wrestling was that Tate is a wrestler and got her 'arm' handed to her by RJ, and also how wrestling is being considered for REMOVAL from Olympic competition which is something RJ is lobbying AGAINST happening! Show some respect AND gratitude, Jim R.

Anonymous said...

If Jim R us from the UK then the red belt judoka he 'beat the snot' out of would be a 6th Kyu. To transate Jimmy - that is the first belt after white. This person could therefore have been doing judo for as little as three months and only known three throws and three pins which were on the syllabus for their 6th kyu exam. Hardly suprising then that you will have won over them with two years ecperience under your belt. Your chirping is therefore irrelevant.

Unknown said...

I know that MMA reporters like Greg Savage and Jordan Breen from sherdog say a lot Dana doesn't know everything that goes on in the UFC. He also doesn't even know the names of everyone who work in the offices. But in this incident, he knew.

Usually Dana would try to spin it.

They will probably show a "edited" version on TV when Ronda's opposing coach was switched from Cat to Miesha.

Either way I'm rooting for Ronda and her team.

Dr. AnnMaria said...

Well, Tim, I'm glad to hear you are rooting for the right team. (-: