Sunday, July 12, 2015

Want to run your judo / jiu-jitsu school like a business?

Do you want to run your martial arts school like a business and make your living doing it, instead of going to your school AFTER you do whatever it is that you do for a living? Well, don't ask me! I run a company that makes video games.

They'll make you smarter! Buy them here!

What's that, you say? You actually want to run a martial arts school ? Did you at least buy the games? Okay, well, fine then .... here is what you should do ... learn from someone who was actually able to quit his day job and run the martial arts school he dreamed about. If you live in Arizona, or are just looking for an excuse to go to Phoenix for a couple of days ... check this out.

On Saturday, August 22nd Arizona Freestyle Judo will have two, 4 hour blocks of instruction with James Wall for Adults:
  1. 4 hour Coach/Instructor Education Seminar - How to coach/instruct younger students ages 6 to 14 (participants will receive a certificate recognizing their professionalism in continuing education) - $50.00.
  2. 4 hour Technical Judo Seminar for all experience levels - Gi required - $50.00.
On Saturday, August 22nd we will also have a 2 hour block of instruction for kids ages 6 to 14, followed by a team-building party at a nearby water park - $50.00.

There will be a discount for those who register and pay early. For example, those adults who register and pay for both blocks of instruction early - $80.00 and a free T-shirt as a gift. Kids who register and pay early - $40.00 or a free T-shirt.
Coaches/Instructors who bring a large number (6 - 10 or more) of players (esp. kids and Jrs) to the conference will get a complimentary room. And will be able to attend Jame's "Business Success Seminar for Professional Martial Artist" free.
Interested? Contact Scott Decker at

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Aira Bongco said...

Training is necessary. But so is experience. You really have to try a business out before you can say that it is a failure or a success. It may be tough but it is a journey worth undergoing.